1. FalconFury

    Zalgo text on irc?

    What, what did I do I was just trying to talk to damaera. I didn't use any zalgo text. Whats going on here :(.
  2. B

    Huge rant thread. *Caution: Walls of text may be present.

    Anchovies. Are. Gross. /rant
  3. Mastasurf

    Epic Rant!

    Maybe it's just me, but the online gaming community seems to always pick one catch word to describe something that is good and then ends up overusing it to a point where the word loses all worth. Most recently epic has become the preferred catch word for the Internet masses. I'm here to say...
  4. Damaera

    test for guyrider!

  5. D

    Cannot see text in game

    When i try to load the game it loads and works just fine except for the fact i cannot read anything as all text has like disapeared...i bought a legal copy of hl1 i have steam and i installed them how the read me says..i'm running vista home my computers specs far exceed that of the...
  6. Painkiller

    complete the text game

    what do you call a.......sounds allright!
  7. Viper

    Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant

    The original article can be found here: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/archives/141821.asp It already says that it's a 5 year old email, but maybe not everybody knows about it :) .
  8. Phobius

    Gundam 00 (Spoilers) No need for whiting text!! Enter at your own Risk!

    Holy **** on a stick that was such an amazing first season of the series. I couldn't believe how they ended the first season and I think they finally brought back the Gundam name with this series it started off awesome went to holy wtf this **** is crazy awesome and ended with OMFG I can't...
  9. J

    Problem with using text in Photoshop CS2.

    Hey all, having a problem with photshop. When I type anything even with a simple default font like Arial, it will all be in capitals, no matter what. No, caps lock is not on. It just all is in upper case no matter what in any font. This only happens in photoshop, it works normal in paint. I am...
  10. M


    Ok last night my net was fine, i left my computer alone for a while on the ESF off topic area under the global warming topic, and well when i came back my text had turned from this. To this... http://img264.imageshack.us/my.php?image=desk2vh2.jpg After this happened i got the blue...
  11. M

    No Text Metriod

    Eh, somethin I whipped up, couldn't find any text to match it. C&C
  12. U

    Text Problem

    hi can someone please help me, when i pick up a dragonball ball it doesnt come up sayin dragonball aquired and when for example im trunks and go to use his special, the list of people i can teleport to doesnt appear like if i go to wish i have to guess what numbr a wish is becuase the wish list...
  13. B

    Text Help - Wrong Scaling

    ok i figurered otu what was wrong with my text. its being scaled wrong. like for example if i put in 40 pt, the text is uber small, i make a enw document, 40 pt, its the correct size, i've had this happen before, does anyone know how to fix it? edit, now even when i make new documents...
  14. B

    photoshop help - text

    ok, i have one psd saved. its a cool looking sig, but i guess i hit something on the keyboard, and when i go to type in text, i cant see anything but the layer will still be named whatever i typed in. any idea whats wrong?
  15. H

    Text keep changing to Signs like this ][][[][][

    Any of you guys and gals now how to fix this problem i have downloaded the latest patch the text isnt the only thing wrong when someone melle attacks me everything disapears i had this before i downloaded the patch. but i had downloaded the mod before and didnt have this problem. Please help...
  16. Deman

    Paranoia Agent(Please use white text for spoilers)

    So, have any of you been following Paranoia Agent that's been on Adult Swim on Thursdays and Saturdays? I've been following it a bit and like it quite a bit. It's a bit of a wierd anime, but I like them that way. It's basically about people who get get backed into a corner in their lives...
  17. Chakra-X

    The Text Trio

    While typing a incredibly boring paper...I was wondering what the whole document would look like in bold, italics, or underlined. I perosnally think out of all the the, italics is the most appealing, so I wondered if people could have favorite text styles like a favorite color
  18. Soulicro

    Drop shadow text?

    I used to remember how to do this, but I forgot. There is a way to create text that has like a drop shadow or a glow to it, but I forgot how! Any of ya'll know how? Itll be appreciated. (Text is for the forums, I think obtained by using vB code.)
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Photoshop Text Help!

    For some reason all my text looks like crap. Its all edgy and rough and all my fonts look like total crap. The size is extra large too. It wasnt like this before, its very aggrivating, does anyone know how to fix this?
  20. B

    i Need A fire Text Please

    Guys I Need A Fire Text That Says Kyo Please Make Me one any one
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