1. elNarr

    Telling the truth.

    I've been having a lot of thought about this, and came to conclusion of me needing to tell it to all of you. Back when I joined the esf forums, in august of 2006 , this place was awesome. I feel like I joined at the best possible time. There were 20+ active threads daily, as well as hundreds...
  2. HellBringer.

    would anyone mind telling me how u map a skin in milkshape?

    would anyone mind telling me how u map a skin in milkshape?
  3. sub

    Telling who your opponite is

    I just got an idea from playing BattleField1942. In that game, when u put your crosshair over a enemy or ally, his/her name appears so you can see who that is. I think ESF should have this also since I want to know who im fighting but cant becuase I like most people play with the radar in...
  4. Element4q2

    Element4q2's GT Goku Pack

    I asked for the other thread to be closed so i could start a new thread when the file was up for download. It seems a lot of people were interested in downloading it as i get about 10 pm's about it per week. I have sent the pack to RedSaiyan for hosting (since they're back online) However...
  5. W

    MiXseD Ssj-Trunks ! very good work..

    hello i mix some model look i export some trunks and i want to switch his head soo i export the trunks thet i want to do head switch with skalakton and then i export the trunks i want 2 mix without skelektn. look... at the pic... but first i almost forgot it credits :) for all the model :)...
  6. Lord Killmore

    Zereth Vegeta Edit (majin and bd majin)

    OK i think somebody edited Zereth Vegeta before but i was bored and tried it too this is my 3rd edit (yeah i count them all) Ok first Credits of course : Skin: Zereth Model: Dunno Have to look will post it Hair: Sin Goku Hair skin: Moshe Kipod Ham Skin Edits : By me Ok now the...
  7. S

    RS Vegeta i made is out..........

    go to I would allso like this to be hosted on rs 2 so if they would like to contact me
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Vegeta for lord killmore

    I am making this tread For LORD KILLMORE He has requested for me a GT VEGETA with a jacket Credit to Turk - Vegeta (body) Vassago - frieza (chrome) Sin Goku - Hair So here it is: Hope you like it
  9. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    I have made a frieza form 4 , 100% , bd Heres a pic : Hope you like it???
  10. Logan4434

    new trunks

    ok i know i said i quit,but after thinkink a bit i got over it(the AIM thing wasnt my only problem just te one that botherred me the most)anyway here s that trunks spin was supposed to upload(i got sick of waiting and did it myself.btw over the next few days my site will be updated with 1.1...
  11. V


    You know when you're skinning an esf model do you use current tool that you downloaded are do you use paint shop pros tools? :shocked:
  12. M

    Question at Ultra33Gokussj3 !!!!!!!!

    Hi i have question !!!!! Ok i see many Bojack gohan models but they are even ssj2 can you make A Bojack Gohan that is fist normal and then ssj2 ? I ask you because i love all your edits !!!!!!!! You are a very good and improved modeler so if you do please contact me in ICQ 268549120 or with mail...
  13. MysticVegeta

    Help me please

    Am making a cooler model but i cant reskin the head right. Can somebody please Help me??? Their is a black with red thing on his head i have a pic if somebody can host it you can see
  14. DBZFever

    Modeling help!

    Hey. Im trying to make my first model, and all that i can do properly is the chest, neck, and face. I cant do the arms or legs, does anyone want to help me? I already read many tuts, so telling me to read tutorials isnt going to help.
  15. S

    can any one help me

    Can anyone help me by telling me how to skin map plzz (am going to start skining my metal gear rex model ^_^) so can any one help me on how to creat them?? thx
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Pro edits down?

    Wats wrong with the pro edits s site Pro edits s site Everi time i go in the and start goin some whre it shuts down Can some one help me?
  17. B

    Perfect freeza done!!

    here is my model p.Freeza i know the skin is bad but im not a skinner :) Please someone skinn it !!! somebody of my team like to skin?? and some animates are broken please can someone fix it??? plz
  18. Skinnerfool

    Reskin Of Vegeto

  19. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!!

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  20. Loki

    My Sig Host Almost Open

    Im prepareing to open a sig host for those of the less fortune. I will only accept up to 15 sigs to host 1 per person. Size must be reasonable, no flash sigs (too much file size). Go ahead and send me a pm within the next week or so with your sig attached. Ill send you a pm back telling you...