1. Dzamija

    How tall are you?

    Mmmmyeah.....kinda pointless thread in the long run, but I thought it might be interesting for people to know each other's heights. I'm 190 cm, just measured myself a few days ago. So yeah, post your height, whatever.
  2. Optional

    GHP_EarthCanyons - 56k'ers Be Weary of the Images.

    http://ghp.flagrun.net/gallery/full/earthcanyons3.gif http://ghp.flagrun.net/gallery/full/earthcanyons2.gif http://ghp.flagrun.net/gallery/full/earthcanyons1.gif Note: No texture blending because we have no texture blending textures...
  3. Neon

    First polly by polly model...

    It's goten.... Crits please
  4. C

    Much improved Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta

    I've changed alot of the model and reskinned the whole thing. I think it looks alot better and much more accurate to the character in the show. I'm looking for someone to host it. esf-world went down like a day after they uploaded my old model and are still down. Even a list of sites that...
  5. S


    credits azn for the great saiyaman model -Frieza- Model: Vassago brollman for the old vegeta edit/skin (if any one can plzz tell me the maker of the dmz brolly model i will be very greatfull becaus ei cant find the site or any thing, i have used the red part of the model cloth...
  6. God Gundam

    ESF Model from GG

    well heres one for you guys, i know its not done yet, but im close to having it there, there will be a normal version aswell of him, just have to finish this one, after that i will make an armor version and a bd armor version for esf as well for all tastes. btw, the gogeta i promissed to...
  7. S

    Model Q

    ok, i just downloaded this majin vegeta model and whenever I do a blue attack he seems to get very tall and skinny, is there a way I can fix this? thanks
  8. Darkshadow

    RE:Goku jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey bloodyscruf youre goku jr is good but can you make it ssj plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because it looks kind off weird first i am a litte guy then if i go ssj i see a tall guy;/ (and to the esfguys i know this supposed to be in the request thread but that thread of goku jr...
  9. S

    Do DMZ maps work to?

    I got a question: It would be cool if DMZ maps work on ESF! Does anyone know a few. If you have a few could you show me the site where they at?? thank you :rolleyes:
  10. |Da|K|


    Hello critz on my new sig plz.... AND YES THAT IS PIKKON THE ONE AND ONLY BIZNATCH!!!!!!
  11. Bryggz

    My First Model Edit!!!

    hey guys i just edited my first model....its that trunks model made by umm...styreta i believe, i also used the strand from azn's mystic gohan, any thoughts/comments/rude remarks? btw its suppose to be along the lines of ussj trunks,(notice the more buff arms/legs) Heres my site
  12. Naz

    A banner for a company

    so yea, some comments... critics, anything so I can make it better lol :) grtz Naz
  13. B

    my skins

    Look at my trunks http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/a.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/b.jpg
  14. Wuying Ren

    Reskin of Styreta Armor Trunks

    Hi I downloaded the new Trunks by Styreta and made a reskin. I give him all rights. And the ESF team too.
  15. DJ-Ready


    Ok, i just finished S2k_Snakeway ... I think i dont need to tell much about it ^^ here´s a screenie http://www.s2k-clan.de.vu/news/s2k_snakeway01.jpg download it at www.s2k-clan.de.vu ^^ .. in the downloads section ^^ EDIT umm ok .. i 4got to something while making the zip ..so if u...
  16. S

    gohan skin

    whats with his hair? only three oddly placed spikes? if its the younger gohan (like when he fights cell) he has more hair than that, and he shouldnt be so tall, and if its the older one (high school) then his haird isnt even shaped like that
  17. catfish

    Otherworld arena, Kai's planet

    These are some suggestions for maps - because i suck at making maps maybe I'll just suggest some ideas to the people that are fantastic at making them. * Otherworld arena - where Goku fought Pikkon. If it's already in ESF i missed it. * Kai's Planet - This could feature the lake with the...
  18. fatmanterror

    Well, why not.....

    i see alot of gohans floatin around lately so i gave it a crack.....
  19. X

    New Pfx Sig

    well its not that good but i hope yo guys like it. may i hear some opinions please.