1. B

    help with advanced tab stuf

    ok i wana set all the advanced tab stuff on or highest levels can someone fill in the missing commands fer me(or lemi know if i missed something) cl_himodels "1" cl_hightexture "1" cl_mp3player "1" cl_beamquality "?" cl_fxquality "3" cl_3drocks "1" cl_dusttrails "1"
  2. L

    Need some help... yet not the normal type of:

    Ok i kinda weird suggestion but could any one .. any one send me skin? only a skin don't need the model, rather said i'd like to have the psd of the skin... i won't use it.. u can take my word on it... if i use it in anyway for my own good (or others) you'll get a refund... I just need a...
  3. Damaera

    -How to Edit Model's IN HLMV (Like hair and clothes or aura)-

    Well! First of all Sopose I had a Gouk model I'm editing. First I Export the hair, body,etc..... Then you colour in the Clothes or Hair in Bmp. Import it. And It's uploaded. Now all you have to do is Save model.... Then if you want to see the edit, Just open the goku.mdl And go to the first tab...
  4. Optional

    Hitting "Tab"

    Sometimes, if you hit "tab" (+showscores) when you are connecting/console is right about to open up when joining a game, HL crashes!
  5. Vashusa

    Help with sprite edit

    I hope thios is the right place to post this. i was trying to edit some sprites. i have the sprite view and wizard programs. so i saved a sprite as a sequence. it turned it into .bmp's. i opened photoshop and did the exact same thing to all of the bmp's. i saved them and trying to use the...
  6. I

    way 2 get sound back after alt+tab (^o^) /

    when you pressed alt+tab or something pops up your sound is gone as you all know. to get it back without exiting the game your currently playing in press control+alt+delete and you'll see the task manager go 2 applications where you can see HL.exe or counterstrike.exe Right mouse click on...
  7. P

    RCON Command listing

    HALFLIFE RCON GUIDE A full list of rcon commands can be found below: Command/Variable Name Arguments/Default Description +showscores: show pings and scores for all players on the server addip: adds an ip the server filterban list (0 minutes = permanent) banid: [kick] ban player with id...
  8. W

    ESF Model Skeletons

    I decompiled the Gohan model to take a look at the skeleton. I must say, its a tad, uh, bulbous. Do you modelers out there actually use the big skeleton as a reference base or do you make your own for the model?
  9. V

    Milkshape ? Why this error !

    PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE !!!!!!:p Ok it goes like this... I decompile the HL model.(ESF) Then i import the .smd file i edit it because i want to pump up the body a bit and then when i try to save the .smd file he is wanking with some vertex bone errorO_O WTF ?! Even when i dont edit the model...
  10. P


    ok! on the right hand side i already said that im a noobz. I can only colour the skin not change it or draw a new one if theres something wrong, i can't change it cause it is.... Try Downloading Brollmans Bojack Trunks and HL Model Viewer and try repair it can you? If you can teach me...
  11. Ranma

    Could I ask for some pictures?

    Can I ask for some reference pics, or sites with really good pics of Ilpalazzo from Excel Saga? I need them for drawing and maybe a sig (for another forum). Anyway i'd appreciate it, i can't find any sites with good pics of him.
  12. Demi-Shadow


    Do I need to have a skeleton for my model? I don't intend on animating it.. (I hope someone will be kind enough to help with that ;)) If I send the model when it's finished (long time lol) to an animater would he make a skeleton? or, can someone explain how to make/edit the skeletons to fit...
  13. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. J

    Lava, how to create it?

    Well, I'm trying to make a map for ESF. I want to put some lava in the map, just like in esf_lavapit. But how do I create that??? Grtz Joene
  15. S

    Lightwave Question

    i feel dumb asking this but... how do you smooth a model when your rendering it in lightwave?
  16. Akhkaru


    Well, I decided to use MS3D. I have my model made n all, but I can't export it into a HL SMD... It says "Invalid bone assignment to vertex, Model not Exported!" How can I do this?
  17. Darkness

    Map ideas

    Post new map ideas here and ill try and realise the best one along wit local shop and anyone else who wants to help