1. Andreasus

    Updated KI Pool System - LSSJ/Bandit

    Suggestion from LSSJ of an updated KI System: Please reply only with real critique.
  2. A

    system requirements ?

    Is there any information about system requirements ? Because I'm afraid I won't be able to play. My specs: Intel Core i5 2.60Ghz (up to 3.2Ghz) 8Gb RAM Nvidia Geforce Gt635m 2Gb Windows 8.1 Do you think it will be enough to enjoy the game ? :)
  3. Full_Power_Explodes

    Dragonball Z Sagas style Transformations

    In the Dragonball Z Sagas game transformations are easy to earn but difficult to maintain. I think that'd fit well with esf. Transformations are dependent upon a transformation bar. While in normal form this bar is filled by using melee attacks. The more damage that the melee attack does the...
  4. D

    ESF 1.2.3 (vs) ESF Final - melee system

    Alrighty, okay i haven't been on forums since last year, been on forums with the NNK more often but anyways, whats the difference between the two? as mention above in the title.... Does the esf final release have a new melee system? Something similar to NNK's (i think the melee for nnk, was...
  5. Skyrider

    New Map System Revealed

    As many of you already know we switched the whole map system of the Half Life engine to something else. This update is there to tell you about the basic changes to in game maps. We are now using VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects) to boost performance due to loading an increased amount of polygons...
  6. M

    esf 1.3 melee system

    will in esf 1.3 be a diferent type of melee system. this one is some kind slow. btw if anyone of u played DBZ budokai tenkaichi 3 u will know what real melee system is...
  7. sub

    Google announces operating system, takes gmail + other apps out of beta

    So Google just announced their own operating system and took a number of the applications out of beta. They now have a browser, an operating system, a mobile operating system (android), and an office suite, an email service, and more money then god. Should MS be worried...
  8. Boogyman93

    System Requirements

    Can you guys give some recommended system requirements to know if we can run the mod with the effects cranked up to max?
  9. Nemix

    ESF System Requirements?

    what are the minimum and recomended system requirements for PC?
  10. Killface

    Conquest System

    I wanna kick ass... but it wont let me! What happened?
  11. The Deco

    OK I succeeded in plugging my TV to my Stereo system, yay!

    (title) now the other problem is this: NOTE: WHITE CABLE IS REFERRED TO THE SAME THING AS THE BLACK CABLE IN THE FIRST PICTURE Since im slow minded sometimes, and I don't pay attention, I only recently found out that the audio signal my stereo system gets from my TV is only mono but gets...
  12. Raine

    New Energy Attack System!!!

    OK, for 5 years i have been worked up over the energy attack system. Go onto ESF, pick piccolo, charge up your special beam cannon fully, fire, and youll get an explosion the size of my thumb. Please, for the relation of Dragonball (Not Including Ki-Blasts); A: Increase the blast radius of...
  13. Barney

    Halo 3 experience system

    Does anyone else find their exp system extremely flawed. Prime example: even though I lost one match tonight I racked up 29 kills, almost double that of the kill leader on the other team. Guess what? I lost an exp point. Basically, it's bull**** that the only exp dished out is when you win a...
  14. Greenberet

    Army System

    Many of you are already playing the Army Game. You can read about the basic Army Game in the original thread. Currently I'm working on the army system which means: fixing bugs, add some features, ... Also this system is currently a test version where we play with some values so we can get a...
  15. Damaera

    Mystery Map, Melee System Reaveled

    <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW - Mod DB"><img src="" alt="POTW" /></a> Davidskiwan and Raven have been hard at work lately. After working their butts...
  16. sub

    Automatic Lock On System

    I'm reposting this idea from our melee thread. - When you hit someone with melee or someone hits you with melee, a lock on box (akin to 1.1, but prettier) will appear around them. This will allow you to keep track of whoever your fighting. - The box will go away if you die, the person you...
  17. Damaera

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format

    Android 17, Particle System Experiment, New Sprite Format <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">POTW</span></strong> <a href="" target="_blank" title="POTW/Particle System - Mod DB"><img...
  18. Ryuuzaki

    ESF Rank System

    Hello there. I'm ssj3Gaby or L ( From NNK Forums ) . I'm here to ask you , where can i find the ESF Rank plugin ... Can some1 Help ?
  19. st34lth

    A better Melee system

    This is sort of a new system I thought up of but it kinda brings back the lock on feature from the old version. When your on the melee weapon you can put your mouse over an enemy and it automatically locks on them. You can't look away so the crosshair will always be on him unless you quickly...
  20. M

    Melee System

    So, what does the team have planned for the melee system?