1. H

    ESF 1.2.3 - Unable to switch to OpenGL mode

    Hello, Yesterday I tried to play ESF (with ECX, Bigpack etc.) but when I tried to switch the video mode to OpenGL (which has been recommended by many users on these forums) the game minimized, And the message "This video mode is not supported. The game will now run in Software mode" (or...
  2. K

    Body Switch

    This attack is probably going to become a nuisance. IS there a way to get your body back without tracking down the person in your body? If you've been working on a game raising up your PL for a while, and some bozo catches you off guard and takes your body, thats a pain in the ass.
  3. KidMan

    AM2 - When to make the switch?

    I am wondering when I should completely upgrade my system to AM2. I have a 939 right now and it's not a top notch system (1gb ram, 3200 64 bit). The prices are dropping and I don't know if I should do it now, or wait and do it.
  4. KidMan

    Concerning Ginyu's Body Switch

    This attack needs to be fixed for the next update release. I've been in too many games were they got ruined from someone making multiple copies of Ginyu, thus causing the server to crash. Please, please, please get this attack fixed so it no longer causes a problem.
  5. john_volkov

    switch camera

    you you go to first person view you can't go back to thierdpersone view
  6. @

    If I dl EVM and BTL will i be able to switch between them?

    Is it possible for me to install EVM and BTL and choose between playing either or, or just playing ESF original?
  7. N

    how do i switch to esf from cs

    iv installed esf....and when i start us esf through my esf shortcut the game starts but a window opens in the games menu screen that is called console what do i do from here to play esf?????????? :shocked:
  8. A

    Body Switch Suggestion

    Well, I'm not sure if Ginyu will have Body Switch or not but, if they do, to make it fair, While Ginyu charges Body Switch (About 4-6 Seconds) You're able to control one of the people in the Ginyu Force. You have just have to go in Advanced Melee with one of the Ginyu Force Members, And you're...
  9. Kaination

    How do you switch Cell's aura to...

    ...Picollo's. Like when you hit Turbo (t defualt), picollo's aura is white. Which folder is for the aura, so I can give Picollo a green aura? Greatly appreciated. :]
  10. saiyan_warriors

    Would anyone happen to know how to switch Model Skeletons???

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to switch model skeletons. I recently downloaded this model for ESF and it is really being odd. Any help at all would be nice. Thank you! :yes:
  11. Goten-son

    Should i switch my sig to this one?

    change to this one: or keep my current. keep in mind A ) i didnt care how the font looked on teh sig lol and B) i dont have many fonts to work with since i havent done much graphics lately.....any way c&c welcome but i dont have the psd anymore but nice to know what could be done for...
  12. ReCkOninG of FirE

    How I Think The Ginyu Body Switch Should Work

    Hey i have an idea but i dunno whether its good. Say your using ginyu then you select the body switch attack, you would then hold left click and start charging like a normal beam but it can only be released when the bar is full. When the bar is full and u release the left click button, a beam...
  13. K

    Ginyu's body switch

    I do not know if the team has decided on how Ginyu's body swap will work, but here is my idea, I believe this will work well. Ginyu should have all the basics(melee, kiblast, gen ball/beam) and his signature attack, body swap. I think body swap should work like this: it has the properties...
  14. Ryoko

    Should I switch?

    Or my old one?
  15. I

    Help! - How to switch to my favorit mp3 track..

    I searched the Web and couldn't find out how to do it... What i want to do is to bind a Key so when i press it it will play one of the mp3 tracks that i will choose without pressing F8 and looking for it... If the track that i'm looking for is in the 5th line in the Playlist so when i...
  16. Scorcher2k

    Switch to steam

    Just so that everyone knows you are going to have to switch over to steam within the next 2 weeks. All the servers will be switching over as we have no choice in the matter. Scorched Earth is waiting because frankly steam blows and I want to wait until it has had time to let people onto it. I...
  17. DragonDude

    Your Mapping... HL1 or HL2?

    I was just curious, how many mappers here are planning on switching and mapping only for HL2 when it comes out? Myself, I'm going to try it, because it adds tons of new and useful features with AI and scripts, but I don't know if I'm going to completely switch over. What are you guys planning?
  18. S

    gravity chamber

    i want to make a map so when u go into the gravity chamber it slowly increases your ki, i would also like 2 attach a switch that controls the gravity so u can increase/decrease it. If this is possible and you can help it would be very much appreciated.
  19. -{VC}- sWiTcH

    sWiTcH's Spray Service

    So you've found out the command to spray a logo ("impulse 201"), but now what? Well I've started a service for the lazy. Ill turn any picture into a color decal, or ill make one personally. Or, if you want some standard decals (the ones that are only one color) ill turn any set of pictures...
  20. The Noodler

    Vegeta Pride wallpaper

    Just a wallpaper i was workin on and i thought it would be good nuff to show here. well here it is Critz on how to make it better?