1. I

    Summer Revolution Gathering

    Post yer Summer Revolution Sigs here! :p It's all ET's idea.
  2. E

    Summer Revolution: Second Coming

    I didn't really like my newest sig (Nagi from TT), and I figured that since summer is almost here it was time for a summer revolution. Crits and comments welcome and encouraged.
  3. N

    New drawings

    Hey been awhile guys, heh I've been having a great summer and I've actually had some time to draw some pics, if ya guys don't mind I'd love to share them with ya. "Guess who..?" "Hulk" "I also had a chance to rebuild nightfox you remember him right? The guy I drew in the long coat...
  4. MinesSkylineR34


    yes i love this one :) rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the summer O_o
  5. Toki

    Summer Signature

    Easy but I think it looks nice, I didn't want to do any flashy effects oor anything since a sig isn't really anything serious.
  6. Ryoko

    Hopping on the Summer Bandwagon

    Well, what do you think? *looks down at current sig*
  7. A

    MY summer sig

    Watcha think?:laff:
  8. Vegeta's Briefs

    Summer sig

    Yes, I made a summer sig. Lemme warn you beforehand. It's bright, it has an inkblot and a moon. Lemme explain beforehand. I wanted bright to emphasize summertime, and also to help the Inkblot appear a bit better (thank you Koblano :S), and the moon I wanted because it looked pretty and...
  9. G

    My Summer Sig

    Mmkay i see alot of summer sigs around now so i desided to make one to: Its not as good as alot of what i have seen, but i'm proud of it :D
  10. S

    summer sig

    going with the trends i decided to make one, yeah its not very good but i dont really care all i think i need some help on is the text, whats a good color for it and where could i find a decent ryoko pic as well, and she needs to be happy :)? give me some crits too please
  11. Lone Wolf

    Me summer sig :P

    :D What do j00 fink? I know its a little screwed.... but o well :D Crtz and comments?
  12. E

    Summer time fun!

    Well guys, summer is just around the corner...unless you live in the southern hemisphere... But for the rest of us, it is going to get warmer. So in light of that. I figured I would change my sig to more of a sunny, happy summer sig. I will most likely use it, but your comments are...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Me = f***in' sux0rz!!

    Aghhh! I can't wait till summer when I can learn Photoshop (PSP Blowz!!! The best of my PSP abilities is my sig which sux azz0rz) Anyways if there is anyone who feels sorry for someone who couldn't make a good work of art to save his life, couldja make meh a r0x0r1ng Mr. Satan sig?? It sounds...
  14. Z

    Getting a new console next summer ... but which ??

    I have been thinking about gettin an xbox because there are alot of games i want for the xbox. Games like Project Ego, halo 1 & 2,Morrowind, Dead Or Alive 3, etc etc. But should i buy gamecube instead all the nintendo AA titles should be out by then. and btw i already have a ps2.:yes: