1. The Deco

    Steam summer sale 2012?

    So why didn't it begin yet? any clues?
  2. Mkilbride

    Gamefly, 75% off Summer Sale NEver bought from them before, but saw some nice deals here, a friend pointed this out to me. Maybe you'll find something you want, and remember, this is buy, not rent, Gamefly now has it's own DD, I...
  3. Suh Dude

    What games/items have you gotten from Steam's Summer Camp Sale?

    I have bought: Anomaly Warzone Earth CoD4: MW (Just to play Galactic Warfare) Just Cause 2 Magicka Monday Night Combat Sanctum Torchlight With the tickets I got Alien Breed 2, the TF2 sunglasses, and the skin pack for MNC. What games or items did you guys get? D:
  4. M

    ModDB - Summer of Mods & Indies

  5. M

    Summer Olympics

    Anyone watch any of the events? The only event I watched was amateur boxing. The scoring and judging was so bad that the commentators would go from commentating on the matches to criticizing the judges and the poor scoring. Oh well, at least one of the judges in the Taekwondo competition...
  6. Zeonix

    Face Scans for The UK This Summer

    Source: I can't wait until they hook this tech up to cameras around various cities.
  7. frsrblch

    Official Summer Jobs Thread

    Well, it's 6:50 in the morning, and I'm getting ready for my first day at my summer job. The last time I was up this early I hadn't been to bed at all the night before, so this is something of a shock to my system. This could be my routine for the next 4 months, depending on what kind of...
  8. Optimus Prime

    School's out for the summer!

    This is actually a little late, I was officially done on monday. Just wondering who else is done, I'm assuming only university and college kids. And if you're not done, what's your last day?
  9. bapplebo

    Summer (its summer over here)

    Its summer over here in Australia, so I made something to greet that. I'm trying to find my Cloudy Brushes, so thats why there's nothing there ;O.
  10. clen

    Halo... THE MOVIE summer of 2007

    Title Says it All. Another video game to movie
  11. Eon

    Mango summer sig comp: Voting!

    Vote for your favorite signature! The signatures chosen to move on were: Ravendust Dudeman Crackerjack Congratulations guys! good luck!
  12. Eon

    The Mango's Summer Signature Competition.

    It's competition time !_! Anyways, anyone remember the last competition? With the winner of the awesome sexy christmas signature, Suicidal Maniac, with this sexy heartwarming signature. The theme for this one is SUMMER, so bust out those ideas people! I am in the process of...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    so long to summer

    im aware this wallpaper is rediculously simple but it serves what i wanted it to be which is a wallpaper. the surfer girl is from falcoons gallery. the only thing i really did with this was a gradient bg, and a little penwork. also what do you think of my new logo. just created it today.
  14. DiebytheSword

    WTF?!?!? Since when is Summer Slam "Night of the Heels"

    I was extremely dissapointed in SummerSlam this year, only two faces won their matches, and one was the first in a best of 5 match . . . Even Taker lost . . . Some of the matches were good, but the first big PPV of the season made me wish I bought a game instead. :S And what the hell is...
  15. U

    EYE > SK 13-5 in CPL Summer 2004

    Wow.. the name says it all. Does anyone else think this is due to the new money system? I mean... after all... look at SKs performance in many large tournaments AFTER the changes took effect. (getting eliminated in ESCW for example) ....Anyone that watched both SK matches with EYEballers noticed...
  16. Saiga

    My Summer Revolution

    For me, summer is something to look forward to (I'm sure it's the same for all of you also) and a time to make changes, or do something new. That's why I created this, I wanted an uncommon size and decided to make an experiment with vibrant colours. Personally I like the way it turned out, what...
  17. S


    YAYYYYYYYYYYY my exams are dONe now i can go out and partay, aswell as play esf ocasionally :laff:
  18. Catman

    Summer vacation

    Im just wondering what are u guys gonna do for summer vacation im going to Flordia :D
  19. D

    My Summer Revolution sig xD

    I made this for Deverz, he didn't use it, I liked it, so now I'm using it. xD So... Here it is..