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    hey im a mapper and i was wondering like in all your map the ground is so well made i mean some are just tooo well made i was wondering if you use gensurf? or other terrain generator i can also see where you hand craft..... i was wondering for future refrence incase i want to make a map for esf...
  2. [RAW]Fusion


    my new map, its a large map that takes up all of worldcraft and ppl who map will know thats quite large. its currently for dmz as you can see and is in the early stages and is no-where near done yet when the map is finished and the new version of esf is out i will make an esf convertion
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    Alternate Background, lovely!

    I've been annoyed by esf_namek_3's background so I changed it. Check it out. I might even release it to the public. Doubtful though. <MRA> esf_namek_3 alternate background -VideoGamerJ
  4. E

    Namek map info!

    Okay here it is guys... I am making a totaly new type of Namek map... First there is a map with/out any water in it as some requested.. then a map with water... I need to know if you guys want one or the other or Both? the maps will include 30+ new textures to make landscape look...
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    Important: Everyone read before posting anymore

    I have had to remove swearing from three members posts today. The new policy of no swearing is very strict. Please dont not do it. Since I saw the posts it is just a warning from me. If someone else sees them you will get a punishment.