1. A

    Happy Bday Stryker! o/

    Happy birthday esf_stryker. I hope you have a good day.
  2. S

    Wanna feel like Stryker?

    Then visit lock on: modern air combat is a flight simulation of modern fighters. u can choose 6 different aircraft, and fly with those superb graphics and what do u else want? yes u want that it is out. and its out. 3 years waiting have ended and there are only positive...
  3. Snow

    Good Bye Stryker

    I wish you luck in the airforce.
  4. Jaredster

    Farewell Stryker

    take care of yourself. Don't get hurt. :cry:
  5. Cold Steel

    Good luck on your job, Stryker.

    The first thing i want to say is, i know you are not really leaving, but you don't have enough time enymore to be considered a full time teammember anymore. Second, all your maps pwn, i love them all, some a bit more then the others, but they are good, and for that i think we all wish to thank...
  6. Jarrstin

    First ESF Fanatics Interview with Stryker!!!!!!

    Follow the link to read about the great mapper for ESF, Stryker!!!
  7. S


    stryker i think there should be a map with rain, thunder, lightning and hills with a river stream with caves under neithe were u spawn and other team or spectators can not go next to there base to spawn kill cause it makes people cut when they are alive they die again. that way there is less...
  8. Lethal_Vegetto

    Just a Map question, not request.

    Theres a map in ESF that is all messed up. I dunno if its supposed to look like this but its this map esf_mid, i think. Its all pink and black squares as the map floor and walls and everything. Except for some little tunnels. But the rest of the map is all pink and black little squars. Plz tell...
  9. E

    STRYKER's new avatar/map!

    Ive just seen stryker's new avatar, it looks very cool! seems like this is his very own method to introduce his new maps! What I can see on this pic looks like it was done by a terrain generator, but Im sure you did it on your own, right stryker? ;) This is the best looking landscape Ive...
  10. Pommy


    i have a suggestion for maps. make some clip around the map that you can hit instead so when you get meleed into a wall of the map everything doesn't disappear, you can still see everything.
  11. B0Bmaster40000

    Mappers Needed for Project:FW

    im a lone mapper bearing a heavy load at the moment with all the maps being planned for Futora Warfare. I would appreciate any help. For more information, go here: if u wish to join, pm me here or leave a post in our forums
  12. Baaja


    Where can i find the Building textures that are on the esf_city map
  13. X


    Did Stryker change his name or resign because when I checked the moderators for each category he wasn't there. Although he may not want to be a moderator, but thats too bad I need some help in mapping :cry:.
  14. W

    We have the technology, we can rebuild esf_mid...

    Since I didn't hear anything on the other thread I mentioned this on, I figured I'd post it to the main Mapping forum instead of just Help, and see if anyone notices it here instead. :-) Yes, that's ESF_Mid, everyone's favorite checkerboard map, in the process of being rebuilt as close...
  15. H

    New Map????

    Is anyone working on a map for when vegeta and goku first met like in the mountain's, and if has all ready been made can you give me the link
  16. X

    My new map esf_grandkaiarena

    esf_grandkai This is my new map :D. My site is still being fixed but it works thats all that matters. If the pictures don't work then I will try to post a new link, just tell me. Sorry for the hoverbuttons they won't freakin stay the same distance apart :cry: Anyways here is the link...
  17. Cold Steel

    to Esf Stryker

    That new avatar of yours, is that a new ESF map?
  18. )v(ajin Cell

    Map ideas for Freedom

    Hey stryker idea for a map to make......Make the otherworld place like below the clouds there could be a fountain filled with bloood and everything btw- is as map patch planned?
  19. E

    UNCLE Stryker WANTS YOU!

    I am asking the people of the forums a favor:yes: If anyone has pics on the Kame House and island plz post links in this thread. I really have no clue what the house looks like besides the fact its Red and has KAME written on it. So if you would like to help plz do.
  20. Ranma

    I know this map won't be in beta, but..

    Alright, i know this map won't be in beta, but since beta isn't out yet anyway, well, heres my question, I went to red sayjin, and went into ESF maps, i saw the korin tower one, i dl it, and put it in the correct folders and such, but when ever i click create game and choose that map, the...