1. L

    water pushing

    this game gets so much nice effects added and i wanted to ask if its possible to add a feature that water can get pushed away by a strong aura. in dragonball they stood sometimes in water and activated their auras and well the aura pushed away the water.they now stood on a dry ground...
  2. Mous4u

    Who Is Stronger Veggeto Or Gogeta?

    who is stronger is it Veggeto Or Gogeta or are they exactly equal?
  3. Vejta SSJ

    What is stronger

    I was thinking if someone could tell me what is stronger Kamehameha or Final Flash.Death ball or Spirit bomb etc.I dont mean from esf but from DBZ saga. please answer i have been arguing with a friend for ages!
  4. .Guzzie.

    Whos was stronger Ss2 Gohan or Ultra Perfect Cell??

    The answer might in an instant pop up as Ascended Super Saiyan [SS2] Gohan. But lets think for a second. When Cell had came back from self-destructing his power had increased dramatically. Even though we didn't get to see his new fighting ability's in the action we got to see Cell get into a...
  5. Dokutayuu

    SSJ3 stronger than SSJ4?

    You know you could really never tell. Goku never said about it being more powerful. He was also a child in GT (not as good as DB or DBZ) and could only be an adult as SSJ4. He was weaker as SSJ3 as he was a child. Vegeta never went SSJ3 so he couldn't prefer it over SSJ4? Strange isn't it?
  6. Jace

    Whos stronger : Beby Vegeta or Vegeta SSJ4

    Can anyone tell me whos stronger ?
  7. jp

    pen is stronger then the sword

    NOT... I think a sword would just break through a pen<_< I was bored, and made this.... lol just a simple sword, i had a beatifull refference of connan the barbarian sword but i messed up and i just went on with my own simple imagination.. i know its not much.. But i'm...
  8. 009

    Make Gallit gun stronger !

    Make Gallit gun stronger ! :laff: First time vegeta was on earth he power struggelt with goku... Gallit gun vs Kamehameha vegeta said they power was 50/50 :shocked: ONLY resaon for goku won, was becuase he use kaioken ! *cheater :p * AND! its was not just kaioken! it was 3xkaioken...
  9. mac1029

    Who is stronger? Gotenks or Mystic gohan?

    im confused
  10. Vuk

    Why are some attacks stronger in this game and weaker in some other game

    I compared Budokai and esf.I know they are not the same but the concept of the game is.There both based on same characters and abillitites of thos characters.... Like in Budokai Big bang owns and final flash ..well...doesnt.And in esf is tottaly different. In esf Burning attack sucks and in...
  11. L

    The more people the stronger the beam?

    I noticed that if there are many people in a server, a beam gets very strong. The explosion radius is enourmous. A comparison : Death ball with no bots in the server : Death ball with 20 bots in the server (10 good, 10 bad) : Death ball with 7 bots in the server (4 good, 3...
  12. Denz


  13. S

    can anyone make me a battle dameged ultimate frieza?

    could anyone kindly enough make me a battle dameged ultimate frieza cause i think its realy cool when hes hurt and when he is form 4 and could you make him a bit stronger then he is in form 1 thnk you for youre kindnes:yes:
  14. S

    could someone make freeza stronger

    could someone make freeza stronger i have a friend and he says he sucks but i like him very much so could you make him as strong as vegeta or something thnx for the trouble:P
  15. D

    how do u make bots stronger

    i just downloaded the bots and they are kind of weak i want a challenge so how do u make stronger bots or is there another bot program that has stronger ones
  16. Farago

    Making your attacks stronger in a ps

    [Read everything before you post or vote] I'm prett sure someone said a simular idea like this but not exactly i'm sure. Ok when 2 people or more (when multi ps is implemented) are in a power struggle. You can press right click to give more ki. Your beam becomes bigger but you lose ki more...
  17. Eon

    Perfect Cell

    Could someone pleas make a Perfect Cell skin to replace Cell for 2?
  18. Marauder

    what is stronger?

    well i saw in a site that Mystic is stronger then ssj3... is it as strong of ssj4 or less? and if it isnt stronger the ssj4 , i there something that is?
  19. D

    hi make a model plz

    hi would anyone make a gohan model with sayajin armor and a ssj of the model cuz im gonna use it in beta
  20. G

    they really do get stronger after injuries...

    capture the dragon balls map. i was goku. it was normal with teams. and everyone was on one team. every time i blew myself up my power level got higher instead of lower, which seems to happen in other maps. isnt that odd?
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