1. E

    Help Please with Instal (I have read the sticky)

    Look i have Counterstrike and Condition Zero. I got halflife in my games list but i cant play it. I have installed ESF, but it doesn't work can u please tell me what to do. do i need to Download playable halflife somewhere maybe? Or is CS enough. Thanks, Evil Doggy
  2. M


    can i registered user make a sticky?
  3. Optimus Prime

    Spyware / Adware | Virus removal sticky.

  4. T

    comment on the fusion idea sticky.... NOT A SUGGESTION

    i heard the radio interview with irc and they said they might do fusion in a later release but in the since that you play two chars at once or something like that... any comments?
  5. G

    Singular Sticky to condense threads

    Hey all, its been a while since i posted, and after reviewing the forums for a bit ive realized that there are a LOT of posts to go through...(duh?)...ahem, anyways, since several of them are on the same topic, i thought it might neaten the boards if you made a sticky for commen topics like...
  6. S

    The ESF client.dll prob (make a sticky, its helpful)

    I had this prob and i have had it time and time again, im a sven co op player and i noticed the error came after instaling sven co op 3.0 Then i realised sven co op uses a newer f.m.o.d so this was causing a problem, so i uninstalled esf + sven co op, and reinstalled esf. Esf now worked, i...
  7. TAz00

    Half-Life 2, (I READ THE STICKY)

    Before you start to complain (Mods, team members to) Just hear me out. Half-Life 2 will allow w/e the Half-Life 1 engine did not. - Bigger maps - Higher quality Models - (I suppose) Rocks being smashed when i get blasted into them - Higher Quality maps - Better terrain - Terrain...
  8. D

    mod sticky

    i cant find the sticky that had the links for the other dbz mods....can someone pls gimme a link to that sticky?
  9. X

    Where is that Sticky?

    Im trying to look for the Sticky Thread that I think was in the Help Forum, but I cant find it, its the one that explains to you how to "Center" a sig, and how to "highlight" the text with colors on your sig and stuff like that... sorry for creating this topic. I know you'll tell me to use...
  10. Goten-son

    Sticky in models/skins and mapping section

    well i see a lot of people posting they need hosts for their models/maps so i was thinking why not make a sticky in the models/skins and mapping sections with a list of hosts and contact info *if you can find it* EXAMPLE Host: Goten-son AIM: XxGoten4evaxX MSN: [email protected] e-mail...
  11. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  12. L

    vagetas plz!

    can some one give me ssj4vegeta bebivegeta and ssj4 bebi vegeta plz all sites that got are offline but all the stickies dont either so can u plz send em in e-mail ive tried the request but no has sent sumpin back plz send t [email protected] thax agin ps also brolly if...
  13. K

    Vegita ssj4

    um does anyone know were i can find a vegeta pack that includes dragonballgt vegeta with jacket and ssj4 vegeta
  14. L

    sry to bother but need sumpin

    sry everyone but i need a model baby i have checked stickies and everywere else but still cant find it sry but if u could send it to me wit email or sumpin it would be greatly appreciated and sry about earlir and know
  15. B

    5 min sketch

    ehm 5 min sketch + coloring did this when i was bored yesterday evening, i grabbed a lil notebooklet (like with the yellow paper and the sticky strip to paste it on a fridge etc) and a black ink ballpoint and sketched some stuff and came out with this its for my dod clan (sigh)...
  16. D

    request: Dark Makai Tournament Stadium

    I didnt see any request thread or sticky here but I was thinking if some1 was willing to try making the Dark Tournament Coliseum/Stadium from Yu Yu Hakusho, it feels like the perfect map for esf.
  17. S

    edit model

    can someone give me a tutorial or whateva that lets me know how to edit everything over a model and how to make it work and everything
  18. M

    can someone make me a form 1 frieza model that is worth my time

    there has to be a trans model that is the same!!!!! :]
  19. B

    plz am new here where i can

    found skins to download? plz?
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