1. FullNovaAlchemist

    2014 current state

    hi people i wanted to ask what the current state of esf final is thanks for answers ps:i am new to the forum but not new to the game:smile:
  2. DiebytheSword

    The State of the ESF Forums

    Its been a while, ESF, since you and I talked. So here it is. We have not been doing the best job we possibly can policing the board. That's not to say we aren't being Nazi enough, or that we're being too Nazi. No, we're not here enough to be either. That's something that has to be fixed...
  3. E

    State of projectile attacks, 1.3 and beyond

    First of all, I haven't been following the "top" scene since I've quit, but I've returned to at least shape up a bit before 1.3 release. I was introduced to the "pro" scene by Kartsah about 4 years ago and back then besides the -125 hp combo we all abused, pretty much all that was used was basic...
  4. G

    England, CCTV, the police state

  5. M

    State of the Forums

    How many of you feel the forums are alive, dying or dead?
  6. Chakra-X

    State of the Union Address

    It's on now. Let us watch!
  7. Chakra-X

    State of the Union Address

    It's on now. Let us watch!
  8. Zeonix

    Russian Media Controlled by State Rather than say something that could possibly be construed as anti-Russia propaganda, I'll just ask a few questions: 1) Does this worry you? 2) Do you think this could possibly be the beginning of the return of the...
  9. M

    Current State of Music

    What are your feelings on the current state of music? By this, I mean how do you feel about the changes that music has undergone in the last decade (1990's to the 2000's).
  10. clen

    State your esf name

    I just thought i'd ask what your names in esf are, of course if don't play then just post a name from another game u play. So i'll go first my name in esf is Diablo and rarely clen. Now you go. 1234567890
  11. ZeroNightmare

    Normal to Transformed State Idea.

    When you are ready to ascend, you gain a new bar on the hud. When you press "z" the bar slowly rises, but will rise faster if you actually press "e" and charge ki. During this time, you will have a special "ascending" aura around your character, like turbo. You will also gain 1.5 times stats...
  12. T

    First pages of my manga

    Hey, inspired by the works of David (DBNG) I' have started a fanmanga aswell and I have allready uploaded a couple pages (don't have a cover yet, If you have an idea for a cover just post it) So take a look and I would like to know what you think of it. But please don't tell me that I'm no...
  13. Gangster464

    Need help bad

    NEED HELP BBBAAADDD!!!! O_O Look people i really need help lets say i just downloaded a ssj4 vegeta, which character will it replace or can i choose, if i can or cant, how do i do it, and when I do have my ssj 4 model downloaded will it always be a ssj4 or will it start out as normal vegeta and...
  14. Suh Dude

    Fresh from Photoshop

    I was expermeting photoshop then i made this abstract thingy so if someone ripes or founds out this somome riped this please contact me and i will NEVER GIVE OUT MY TUTORIAL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHA CritZ?
  15. M

    melee in current state i love it!

    The current melee system is way better then 1.0 for a number of reasons. 1: No more ping always wins now its based on ki. 2: Hit boxes are smaller making u actually have to aim. 3: No more reckless charging not worrying about ki (aka not delaying ur attk for even a second) 1.1 melee...
  16. E

    a few things "I" wopuld like to state about future releases!

    havin looked round forums plenty of times i find that ppl are not looking really at the bigger picture or much of it: remember, THE MOD IS BUILT BY THE FREE GENEROUS SPIRIT OF IT'S MAKERS, therefore demands for release dates and such will only aggravate. i know and appreciate that other ppl...
  17. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  18. SSJ4_Cell

    Powering Up Goku

    Picture(s): Credits: ESF Team 99.99% Crits please.
  19. D

    Cell model Request..

    Im not the one to make requests... But does anyone else think that the cell model blows? I mean when he jumps he is all squiggly.. dude the model just sucks... I need someone or a new Cell to replace it please.. New anims too ..
  20. C

    Maya from 3dsmax

    Ive chosen to switch to maya before i get too comfortable with 3dsmax. So far i like it alot better but i havent seen alot of mention on useing it to model for esf. As i have not taken any of my models to the finished state im not sure what is entaled..... Long story short... Is it...