1. LionHeart

    Who wants to play starcraft?

    I'm bored and thought that I could play startcraft for the old times, anyone up for a match? ^^
  2. S

    Wewt wewt, Starcraft 2?
  3. Smith

    Wewt wewt, Starcraft 2?
  4. sub

    Starcraft VS. Warcraft 3!

    What game do you guys prefer? I ask because in general, i think people who like one dislike the other. Vote away.
  5. Kurt`

    Another Starcraft topic o/ O_O /me dies of permanent erection
  6. sub


    Do any of you guys play Starcraft? I just started playing again, only on money maps though :o But yeah, I'm interested to know how many people play SC here and if anyone is up for a game?
  7. M

    Fate of StarCraft: Ghost

    I don't know if anyone has heard this, then again maybe every knows since this news is somewhat old but StarCraft: Ghost has been delayed "indefinitely". Since there was a thread regarding the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D and the current status of the sequel, I figured I make one for the StarCraft...
  8. I


    so, who here still Plays the legendary game of StarCraft? I am thinking that StarCraft ghost might eventually die off. which is a rather shame. but I also hope that StarCraft 2 will not be like WarCraft 3. as in they HAVE to keep the gameplay re-playability. for instance. StarCraft is so...
  9. owa

    StarCraft Map Editor

    Anyone know where I can download a third party map editor for SC/Broodwar. I used to have something called StarCrap, but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. I was going to put this in Video Games, but it isn't really important enough, this is just "Do you know where I can get...
  10. I

    StarCraft: Ghost WP

    It isn't anything special, but hey, rate it if you want.
  11. KelesK

    StarCraft: Ghost WP

    It isn't anything special, but hey, rate it if you want.
  12. S

    StarCraft - Unknown Territories

    The hull of the newly stocked Battlecruiser gleams in the sunlight revealing the name of the ship: "USS Intrepid Rev. 2" After a recent battle with the Zerg in sector 3, the first USS Intrepid was destroyed after widthstanding 3 fleets of mutalisks. The Captain and all its crew were destroyed...
  13. T

    starcraft or warcraft?

    starcraft or warcraft?i like sc because ive played it more^_^!
  14. SandMan

    Trunks Callage

    I might size it down for a sig if someone want's to use it for a sig, I'll put your name on it if not then oh well, alright here it is.....if the link works
  15. Hawki_ice

    Starcraft Ghost sig

    Not sure wher i got the texture from might have been something DaKiLLa gave me :) Critz? *EDIT* ack i really need 2 get a batter texture this ones crap!
  16. Eon

    Good ol' Starcraft

    Which race is your favorite? And which unit is your favorite? My fav unit is the Goliath, just a cool lil thing :]
  17. M

    For all u Starcraft Loving freaks out there

    this is wut me and my friend made .. for the ppl that dont nkow wut it is , its called a zerg hydralisk... from starcraft. well here is the pic
  18. SSj Gotenks

    YEs!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY STARCRAFT

    Finally a new starcraft game is coming!!!!!. The new one is called StarCraft Ghost. Go to to see it. I think the graphics on it are the best.