1. P

    Goku ssj very first stage of making

    here it is if clicking on it doesnt work just copy and paste it. Also give me advice
  2. NeLo

    SSJ6 Goku

    Logan if ya could make a SSJ 6 Goku. The pic is in the one u set up for us when u made the ssj5 goku. Cuz id really think that would look awsome with my 10x Kamehameha! So if ya would create this model for meh plz :D Btw if Logan cant do it...
  3. S

    2nd stage cell

    some one closed the bug report thread so this is what i found. after transforming to 2nd stage cell i realised that the model is not the same size as all the rest the model bearly reaches gohans head (too short) whats with that
  4. Guru_San

    Is SSJ4 A real stage???

    Hey guys, do you guys think SSJ4 is a real stage? cause i dont class it as one, cause Akira didnt make it From Guru-San p.s. Also, do you like GT?
  5. Kuyuaga

    SSJ4 real stage?

    Would you clss SSJ4 a real SSJ stage? Me and Guru san class SSJ3 as the final stage considering Akira Toriyama only ever got to that stage in the Manga's. What do you guys think??
  6. K

    Super Sayian 2 models

    hey guys, i was just wondering how your going to do the ssj2 models for all the sayians. coz i was just thinking back to half-life single player (boy! thats was a long time ago!!!) and Opposing force, and i remeber then electrisitic, you know in half-life when your about to pick up the crowbar...
  7. B

    What stage?

    I know Esf has adopted a "it's done when it's done" atitude (wich is perfictly reasonable) but what i want to know is what you have left to do. eg. Skins, maps, animations ect... Here are some more questions... Are you are planing to have up to ssj3 goku in the next version? Will you have...
  8. T

    Hi Im new but have many questons!

    Hi I'm new on playing esf, but i got many questions on the mod! 1.) When and where can i get the new versions of esf? 2.) is there really a ssj stage change planned and if yes when will it be released?