1. Grega

    initial d stage 5

    So it started to air last week. Anyone following it? Personally I liked the art style of stage 4 better, but I'm happy to see it continue. Not to mention listen to more of its music XD
  2. E

    MOD Stage

    modification brings the history of animation / design, created by Akira Toriyama. Excuse the vocabulary, I am Brazilian, and English is not my forte
  3. Boogyman93

    If you will ever make a SSJ stage above 4

    You all probably saw the ideas on the internet of how SSJ5 should look if Dragon ball AF would ever come out ( witch isn't probably being made ). Well from what i saw in most pictures people would just change the color of SSJ4 into gray or a dark brown or something like that. I was thinking if...
  4. sub

    The next war will start inside us. In the next stage of evolution, mankind is history

    You guys know that whole AIDS thing? If things go well, its history. To sum the article up, about 95% of our DNA is 'junk', or DNA that is no longer being used. Scientists have found a gene in this DNA that turns on retrocyclin, a protein which gives humans immunity to HIV...
  5. D

    advanced melee - 3 stage attack concept

    i realize that this may be a bit complicated, but its "advanced" melee so i thought it wouldnt matter all to much as long as its not over balanced. btw, lets try not to think of "advanced" melee as noob-friendly melee. remember how that worked out? Mechanics: it will make it a little...
  6. RoshkoMasta

    Old suggestion back to live, 50% were implented thnx ESF, now time for next stage!

    •Simple throwing: (Yeah this gif I posted in a suggestion ages ago I dont remmember much of that but it was years ago with my older account in the 1.1 days, didnt got any credits but oh well, never the less - the ESF team developers implented it and made it great :) nice feature gj...
  7. S

    howcome in experimental mode, version 1.2.3 the dragonballs arent there in any stage?

    howcome in experimental mode, version 1.2.3 the dragonballs arent there in any stage? team and free fighting mode are fine but experimental mode does not work, in the old esf the dragonballs worked, is there a patch for 1.2.3? for the dballs?
  8. E

    How can u go on the third stage?

    Hi, O.K. I'm wondering if u can go in third stage.... i came only to SSJ with GOKU and others Sayas. I saw pictures and models that u can be stronger... Is it possible? How can u do that? tnx :warning:
  9. crazykorean10

    Were is your stage in life?

    well i am gonna go to puberty(sp?) in 2-3 years also this is the years i get lectured about this *** test in Texas that i have to pass to get to the next grade My personal life isnt going to well either... my parents yell at me... brothers keep punching me... and the fact that my friends think...
  10. D2

    Freeza Final Stage

    Teh FreezaH, anyways C&C please, and drawovers are welcome too :) Click to Enlarge
  11. Optimus Prime

    Bonus Stage

    I was just wondering if anyone else watches the Web-Animation Bonus Stage It's a weekly flash comic, with minimal animation, no sound synchronization (done on purpose). But I find it extremely entertaining. And I've been watching it since I found out about it (somewhere around episode 13)...
  12. gpas

    second stage melee stuggle

    ----====second stage melee struggle====---- when you have won a melee struggle have it wait hafl a second before doing the combo ----====what to do with the half a second====---- if you press teleport in this time you and your combatant will start to teleport around the place trowing...
  13. C

    Proceed improving the stage explosions! This could be great!

    ;D If it was possible to throw a big beam and explode a hole mountain in the stage, or destroy entire house, I mean if the characters atack could destroy the stage, it would be more exciting to play! Imagine if two powers collided and the hole stage blowed up! It would be GREAT!!!
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Sherades: The Idiotic Stage

    Steven standing: *doing the sherade* Jeff grabbing for the beer: *doing the sherade* Matt sitting in front of camera: That is some ****ed up ****.. maybe it's a guy offering a beer to a lady. John Fitzgerald opening bag of Lays: Any of you want some chips? I'm slightly bored. Maybe we should...
  15. D

    Goku (Normal stage)

    Well i finaly got the time to finish FTP's normal Goku , and like always modified many things , besides readed Sbolt s post on the Trunks tread , and didnt want to disapoint him , i am still modeling , skining etc... :yes: , anyway Heres normal goku C&C are welcomed :)
  16. G

    ESF Forum Beauty Pagent, Stage 2! Males!U4Y0R!ZPO39GW6RdR37Aij!onLhsV8FrWTPQ$$~5AAAaAAAAEd!Z!GgWe43M5jKY2wBdyUh4TGVcah5eq8Aw$ - Ominion - SaiyanPrideXIX - Gonadz...
  17. G

    ESF Forums Beauty Pagent! Stage 1

    I made sure this was okay with the admin, and it is. OKies, stage 1. ONLY GIRLS MAY ENTER THIS! All the girls that want to participate, please post your picture in here. Now, when it comes to the voting stage, if you have been entered in the contest.... you are not allowed to vote for...
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    Sweet Dreams! TEST VERSION!

    Please know this is the Sweet Dreams TEST VERSION! I am creating a photo manip and it is by far some of my best work yet... I will be uploading it back and forwarth each time I take a break, so you can see my updates... REMEMBER THIS IS STILL BEING WORKED ON! Here:
  19. M


    ive tried search button, no luck.. but is there a gt goku model out... not chibi goku, but after he is his same size ?
  20. Warrior_Elite45

    My First Map! Old_Arena.bsp

    I've finally completed my first map! It's really small though, so I doubt anyone will wanna download it lol. I'll have some screens up later if ya wanna check it out. All it is really is a little arena type thing. It kinda looks like one of those places where those guys with the red flag...