1. hleV

    SSJ5 Goku is... not SSJ5 Goku

    A pretty interesting read.
  2. magn1M

    My NEW techno SSJ5 Powerup theme

    In Techno Ejay 4 program i have created a dragonball techno theme (ssj5 powerup theme) if you guys want it i could give ya a link :laff: hahaha well here is the link, next time don't try to be funny our you will get a warning for spam - Prozac
  3. U

    does anyone has this model

    please does anyone have this model not with his body like this
  4. U

    af models to do

    O_O this models someone has to do because there so cool here they are
  5. S

    ssj4 vegeta compiling

    hi there i need some help i want that ssj4 vegeta and gt vegeta for 1.1 (u can find it on redsaiyan) but i dont know how to compile it for 1.1 so i wonder if someone of u modelers or someone can compile it for me? seeya.
  6. ssj999vegeta

    ssj5 vegeta skin here

    firstly i edited this skin from D.C Darkling so all credit goes to him secondly dont post nefing bout how crap a modeler i am and how i only changed the colours a little bit i dont care cos i only wanted 2 change colours a little bit thirdly here a screen...
  7. S

    ssj5 vegeta?

    u guys know if there is any ssj5 vegeta out there i really want one IF u heard of someone please write in this thread to me please bye!
  8. D

    USSJ5 Goku

    Hey For the swarming amount of people that wanted a USSJ5 Goku here yah go and enjoy. p.s no more e-mail requests about this model please
  9. D

    USSJ5 Goku

    Iv be asked by a few people who liked my ssj5 goku model to create a ussj5 goku model so im making a poll to ask you all if i should spend/waste my time on it.
  10. D

    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    ok im finally finished with the model, i looks almost like the picture below with a few changes you can get it at my web site post some relpys to let me know what you think of it: wait for the intro to finish to enter the site and then click on the link right about the ssj5 goku pic...
  11. D

    My SSJ5 GOKU MODEL!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the model let me know wut u think im trying to take the extra 300 vertices off the model so i can finish it but here is a a preveiw and let me know wut u think
  12. -Dark Shadow-


    as loads of ppl wanted a ssj5 i dunno if it has been made or not well here it is pic first! here is the dl link Copy and paste it! Enjoy!
  13. B

    ssj5 vegeta

    ok i'm not sure if this classifies as "fan art" because i used my 3d model and used him as my main page but check it's a mid-transformation...he is going from the golden ape,back to level 4 but keeps his golden fur and red eyes...and i just used the pants cause they make him look...
  14. R

    goku ssj5????

    kan sombady help me plz?????? end kan eny body help me whit bulding a aura end what programs doe y need end wer kan y get it end kan enybody tell me what it meens that if y want to install 1.7 dmz that y ses dat it is buld whit a demo end what kan y do
  15. B

    ssj5 RELEASED

    ok this is my ssj5 vegeta...i did the skin from scratch except for the idea behind this came from this forum....someone asked about one or said they were making one....what i did here was a mid transformation....the giant golden ape changes back to level 4...but for a brief second...
  16. Bryggz

    I know it doesnt exist, but wouldnt it be interesting as hell??(new model)

    Hey guys I wanna know if you'd guys like me to make a ssj3 GOHAN. Since seeing s-bolts ssj2 gohan.......ive been thinking about what he'd look like as ssj3......if not, im gonna make him ssj3 either way and edit him to look like gotenks ssj3, gimme some input, eh?
  17. DaKD

    from now on

    ok i got a pm today suggesting i stick to model edits, and i was like y didnt ithink of taht. if u lok at my models taht are all mine taht where i suk, my best things are my model edits,(well not the videl im doin eheh) so screw what i said yesterday no more mdoels i make myself.only edits. srry...
  18. E

    the real ssj5

    what yous think of it ?
  19. Logan4434

    goku ssj5 WIP

    heres a pic Daz will post a link to the model soon.(the pic is very crappy dont judge it bvy the pic i suggest you DL it than see how you like it in game personally i use and enjoy this model) pic: :D
  20. Logan4434

    Poll about SSJ5

    do you think SSJ5 and 6 should be in ESF?