1. Logan4434

    goku ssj5

    i have reskinned a goku ssj3 i dled to look like a ssj5 from a pic i saw.if anyone wants it e-mail me or could someone put it on their site(not good at that stuff) p.s. cant put pic but can give link to the pic i saw here it is:
  2. fatmanterror

    SSJ4/SSJ5 Goku model

    hey everybody, its been a while since ive done any modeling at all, ive been busy animating for DBPS, which used to be fury of cell, anyways, this is the first time ive made a model from scratch, its not done yet its only 2 hours into it, but tell me what u think so far. by the way, the notice...
  3. Fate

    One of the coolest models ever...can you make it?

    So, you think you might to be able to make one of the best people ever in DBZ? The Strongest character EVER with a power level higher than SS5 Goku's X 1,000,000? Yep thats right. Its the faithful companion of King Kai, Bubbles The Monkey. Make a bubbles model! It would be sweet!:D
  4. T

    its my new sig nothin great but i like

    check it out plz no flaming of i might have to kill you