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    Dragon and Sprit Bomb Idea

    Hi Long time since i posted Dragon Wishing Option Endurance its perminent. 10 Endurance, for every 10 it equals to 10 hit points. Maybe less. Sprit Bomb 1: Two for one deal. Uses main first attack to form Big SB and then click secondary to make small SB. One hand in the air and other...
  2. I

    Team Sprit Bomb

    Hi there Maybe one Goku was doing the sprit bomb then if team was in range circling the Goku and they had a team sprit bomb option that will only come up when they in range and pressing it. The Sprit Bomb would get bigger depend on the number of people. You could also turbo it up so dont get...
  3. I

    Super Sayian Sprit Bomb

    I know what you're thinking, that wouldn't be fair to the others but. Just becuase Goku can telport while charging any move while in super sayian mode dosen't mean it cant happen. I saw it in one of the series once think it was in Dragon Ball GT but any way it would be fair because what if...
  4. I

    Sprit Bomb Improvements And Other Stuff

    Hi there. I was thinking maybe guys could have a team sprit bomb. Like the one in Buu Saga where all the earth's people put there hands up. For example two or more Gokus using the sprit bomb in the same place or area. Also like it can asorb attacks and become bigger. This can apply for the Death...
  5. A

    sprit bomb

    ok me and my brother where playing esf 1.1 with goku and vegeta. he was in ss form. i lauched a 100% sprit bomb at him,he shot a 100% fiane flash hit the sprit bomb and started pushing it back to me, i got a kamehameha and shot it at the sprit bomb but, it just want right throght it, and my...
  6. M

    sprit bomb blast

    how about if u can go ssj and ure in a psusing ure spbomb and a kamehamha how about if u hit the turbo to turn ssj and one hand blast it like with the kid buu thing at the end as a nice finsher
  7. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    sprit bombs..

    i have a seggusting that the sprit bomb sould get stronger with your pl getting stronger