1. Deverz

    Walking Dead Game (Massive Spoilers Inside)

    Now that all 5 parts are out let's talk I just finished it and I have to say Amazing story, Great work by Telltale I've never felt so emotionally involved in a game I've never wanted a character to not die as much as Lee. But why was Clem alone at the end. What happened to Omid and...
  2. Deathshot

    The Walking Thread ( Walking Dead Thread thread ) (SPOILERS)

    So... I just started Season 3. I love this ******* series. Rick went from being the Character I didn't care too much for but damn did he become badass! The Bar scene in season 2 made me change my thoughts on him completely.
  3. Shadi

    One Piece of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    Same as all the others, just with One Piece... I was surprised that no more Fairy Tail readers were there.. anyway I've seen some avatars with One Piece around so I might be more lucky this time.. also that should do so we have all 4 big jump thingies... throw in a sticky if they become popular...
  4. Shadi

    Fairy Tail of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    I decided to add "Manga" in the [] even though there isn't any of that in the Bleach and Naruto ones but decided to follow the rule thread Chapter 280 is where we're at! This intense tournament that goes from swimsuits to intense fights is becoming quite interesting.. the latest fight between...
  5. DiebytheSword

    Mass Effect 3 co-op mode, who's gonna help me help Shep? *SPOILERS*

    http://kotaku.com/5848484/mass-effect-3s-co+op-multiplayer-fully-detailed-by-bioware This is going to be sweet. I had the game pre-ordered before the news dropped, but I'm definately going to rock the co-op to The Reapers will know fear. I'll be rocking ME3 on the PC.
  6. dbzrogue

    -HITOGATANA- Manga discussion(possible spoilers)

    *link removed* There's literally only one chapter out so far, but i liked it so much i just had to post about it here. Seems like it could shape up to be something pretty epic. Summary taken from the first chapter: The technology to transfer a human soul into other objects. The invention of...
  7. Rocky

    Abusing the Death Note *SOME DEATH NOTE SPOILERS*

    So I'm rewatching one of my favourite series of all time, Death Note, and I got to thinking in what ways could one abuse the properties and rules of the DN to kill people you don't have very little info on say through collateral damage? For example, what happens if somebody I want to kill is...
  8. Snowm@n

    Shutter Island [MOVIE - SPOILERS]

    As anyone seen it? I just saw it and it has to be one of the best movies ever, 10/10 imo. I recommend it to people who like adventure/mistery/conspiracy/suspence movies.:yes:
  9. Synth

    Iron Man 2 (spoilers)

    I really, really, really, enjoyed it. Even though Rotten Tomatoes has it at 74%. You have to imagine you just walked out of a theatre where you saw Iron Man 1, and walked right into another threatre to see Iron Man 2. It has a pace issue that makes the movie seem like it's on fast-forward at...
  10. Boogyman93

    Ichigo's New Form? (bleach spoilers)

    This is sick... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE4NOec405Q&feature=related
  11. Spunky

    Krieg! Krieg! Kireg! [spoilers]

    Krieg! Krieg! Krieg! [spoilers] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSFOq12I2bQ Hellsing Ultimate OVA VII is out and subbed. I don't know if it's my favorite, but definitely has my new favorite scene in it. Seras obliterates some Nazi vampire *****es. I can't wait for the next...
  12. Synth

    What is your favorite part of DB/Z/GT/Movies? *SPOILERS*

    I realize this mod is solely focused on Dragonball Z, but it's possible that Dragonball Z (alone) isn't the reason you like the franchise. It could be a moment in the original series, a movie, or even possibly something that happened after in GT. And, when I say "part" it likely (almost always)...
  13. Kaination

    One Piece Anime (Tag Spoilers!)

    Well, this is for the anime itself, not the manga. Make sure you use
  14. Grega

    FMA Manga (spoilers)

    Well with chapter 97 released recently i must say its getting intense.
  15. Spunky

    24 (spoilers, probably)

    So who caught the finale? Who's psyched for Day 8? I'm surprised there isn't already a thread. http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/04/14/24-goes-to-new-york-city/ Should be great. They're changing the landscape again, but not going back to L.A., thankfully. I'm thinking
  16. Grega

    FMA chapter 94 (possible spoilers)

    I just read through it and man. Mustang is pissed about beeing placed second XD Somehow i feel bad for envy ^^; Allthough i did have a nice laugh with the tank part :p
  17. S

    Bruce? Brucee? BRUCCCCCCCCCCEE Batman spoilers

    Newest Batman Bruce Wayne is murdered. Apparently this is legit and Nightwing or Tim Drake will take over the batman mantle. This is ridiculous i'm in mourning they can't do it, the only people in comics who're suppose to stay dead are Bucky, Jason and Uncle Ben... i don't get it. Why bruce...
  18. Dokutayuu

    FMA Chapter 88 (spoilers)

    I've recently read the latest chapter and I say it's getting pretty interesting. Anyone else?
  19. Jakut

    Code Geass FINAL (probably spoilers)

    So it has finally ended and twas a fitting end to such a great anime. And the random quotes at the end like "Stairs, my only weakness !!" just cracked me up.
  20. Mr.Lukyas

    Prison Break Season 4 (with spoilers)

    I am not amused. The story went kinda completely off topic. ( I know it started on September but I watched episodes now...) Still it has the tense it always used to. In the first episode everything happens ****ing fast. Those guys break the jail, he finds Sarah, etc... So, what do you guys think?