1. Sicron

    Netherlands - Portugal...Referee was spamming!

    Who saw the match? Seriously, it was hilarious how many times the yellow card was shown. And 4 red cards, it was a true historic match. Never had there ever been so many red cards in just one match. Even the FIFA boss was complaining about the referee, spamming with 20 yellow cards :p. I wonder...
  2. Dokutayuu

    Stop Beam Spamming without lowering beam strength

    I'm not sure if this is already inplemented but what if when you were attacked while charging a beam, it would fail to fire instead of autofiring and killing everyone else? And maybe make people more vunerable whilst charging; your guard would be down while concentrating wouldn't it? Any...
  3. ~Dark Trunks~

    A way to cut down spamming

    Ok now ive heard talk of a stamina system though im not quite sure if its basically gonna do the same thing im about to say or not but here goes. Now ive read that there will be no desperation attacks added to ESF etc,etc but in a sense arent all the big attacks in the game now kinda a form of...
  4. Delusional

    Simplest, Best way to stop Beam Spamming

    Its very simple really, when you shoot a beam, you cannot shoot another of the same beam until the one you shot before completely explodes (And implodes) This would work for all signature moves but not Generic/kiblast Or Piccolo's Scatter Shot
  5. |Overlord|


    this is to build ontop of a way i fought to prevent beam spamming - well , i was thinknig more ways it could be prevented and such , a few ideas i thought of just now are - after a few explosions , the beam explosion could get weaker (this...
  6. True-Warrior15

    Spamming Telepunch

    Why do people spam a good technique, its such a noob thing to do. They make that tech. annoying and noobish.
  7. R

    Beam Spamming (I think i've got it)

    Include a maximum counter for how many times a signature beam has been used. For example I fire Final Flash the counter goes up +1 and the counter would show (1/X) X being the max # (would depend on type of beam). If someone hit the max # of beams they could fire. It would take a certain amount...
  8. Nyquist

    beam spamming / Beam jumping

    Well my question is simple... supposedely beam jump is a form of movement... However some people tend to take too much advantage of beam jumping, mostly when they're beam spammers! ;/ Thereby I think beam jumping could only be done with generic beams! After all I think it was not intended...
  9. Catman

    Throw spamming

    Should they take throwing out because everytime i join a server someone is transformed and they always throw spam and klob to me thats not very skillful because they already have the speed and ki advange.
  10. C

    Beam spamming and melee spamming...

    Honestly, ppl shouldn't critisize beam spamming, melee spamming, throw spamming, etc because it's part of the game. It's like the camping of counter-strike. And besides, there is a counter to them. Why do ppl hate them so much anywaz? There are easy ways to stop beam and melee spammers...
  11. SA_Gohan

    Stopping howing and beam spamming

    To discourage people from abusing either the melee (particularly the auto-punch then throw combo) or constantly firing huge beams at the ground to destroy enemies, I propose a system be added that logs the type of attacks used by a player, and the time between these attacks. If a certain...
  12. C


    OK im gonna remake this thread cense it when to crap from sombody claiming they came up with a game about dbz.. :\ Now youve heard the basic details, but for a certain guy....I had to dig real deep to get this info but, budokai 3 will have a revised blocking block high you have...
  13. Tweek

    Battle Damage Vegeta -WIP-

    ..Keh im takin a break from evm at the mo cus im nakerd ;) but last night i was watchin Meta Cooler (film) and i wondered y no 1 had done a kool BD vegeta ???? so i made 1 ^_^. credits 2 ESF team 4 Origional Vegeta BUT it still needs a skin :S so if n e 1 would like 2 skin it 4 me i would b V...
  14. R

    Since RS is down - dont warn me im not spamming.

    Since RedSaiyan is unfortunatly down, I guess some of you know of its sister site blue saiyan. I guess since we stopped working on bs since rs came back.. now its down again, we will be bringing it back up, MAYBE so keep going back to the site and checking for updates. The link is in my signature.
  15. Gangster464

    How do I play with the model I downloade ?

    I downloaded the model vegeta ssj4 and i dont know how do i play with him, what do i have to do to put him on the game, and how do i also do it to maps and sprites on the game, what else do i have to do then download them. if u game some instructions it would be awsome , :devgrin: thankz...
  16. G

    Spamming Idiots

    Over the past 3 days since Red Saiyan has been suspended, i have received about 80 contact emails full of rubbish, requesting that the site be unsuspended. We have logged the IPs of those who have spammed our OktaGone contact form, and notified each ISP individually... On a second note, the...
  17. G

    My first attempted model! O_O

    Saaan my first stupid gun model ROFL!!!!!!! anyway crits are welcome on how to make it better if anyone wants to skin it PM me! XD
  18. I

    chibi trunks

    Here's my chibi trunks skin and this is how far i got on it....:smile: It would look better if i didnt save it as .jpg credits: dunno i got it off a french website
  19. O

    garlic jr

    i wanna make a garlic jr model but i wanna ask you guys if you wanna have it because i know 5 DBZ mod and only Ebfp has one. Now this is what i was thinking about: -Make it for BUU Attacks: 1-melee 2-ki 3-generic beam 4-belly blast 5-Dead zone Explain the Deadzone: make the...
  20. MajinPuNk