1. S

    milkshape 3d?

    can some1 give me a good link to download milkshape because ive tried it from multiple times and it doesnt work? please help!!!
  2. S

    Model Request!!!

    hi all i know i´ve ask this before but no1 awnsered me. my request is of some1 can make a Gundam Suit like : WING, WING ZERO, HEAVYARMS,SHENLONG,DEATHSCYTE or SANDROCK plz awnser me this time c ya all
  3. sexyasian86

    Request: King Kai

    i was wondering, with all this kai stuff happening in the other threads if anyone can make a King Kai model/skin teehehe ^_^ sounds like it could be fun, right? :D just a random request. peace outs:idea:
  4. I

    Where ??

    Where can I get some good maps for ESF thank you Isaiah
  5. S

    can some1 post on here the regular gohan the 1 that came with esf beta 1

    and could some1 post on here the original sound trans for gohan plz ty:D :talk: :) ;)
  6. GotenksOwnz

    Some1 help me with photoshop plz :D

    I have been useing paintshop pro but peeps say photoshop was better so i *aqquired* it but its all new and i get lost. So wat i want to know is.. 1. Wat do i click to get a good backround patten on a new layer. 2. How do i add my pic to the backround. 3. Any web sites which could help. 4...
  7. S

    can some1 help me with the sounds

    i want to hear the teen gohan sounds not the mystic gohan sounds how can i make it that where i can only hear the teen gohan sounds instead of the mystic gohan sounds:cry: ;(
  8. S

    can some1 help me i dont no where to put the gohan pack

    plz can u help me everythings the same except for the sounds but i dont want mystic gohans sounds i want teen gohan sounds and it wont let me do that so can some1 help me:cry: ;(
  9. owa

    My Drawing!

    hahaha. Well I did a little freehand drawing of Goku's head, and yes it is not nearly as good as Ryoko's, Cucs, or the Chimp, but then again I haven't drawn sense the Character contest thing for ESF. Anyways here it is, and I relize his chin is pointy, comments or Critz would be helpful...
  10. Bryggz

    Aura Model editing question

    ok i hear all this crap about editing the auras, and i took a good look at it...... ok i wanna make the damn lightning things on it now BUT, i need to know some stuff and hopefully anybody could tell me? ok 1) the aura is see through in the game....exactly what makes it see-through that way i...
  11. M

    can some1 make me a sig?

    can some1 plz make me a sig of Mystic Gohan plz. U can put ure name on it as well, but plz help me out here. Thanks.:) :) :) :yes:
  12. S

    Can some1 tell me!

    Cany any1 tell me the code for the sig. i use the img code but it dont work This is what i put into the sig box [img][img] And all it does is display this code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O_O
  13. P

    Plz make a Gotenks model!

    Can some1 plz make me a gotenks model? I think his kinda cool and it suprises me that no1 has made a model for him yet..
  14. E

    Can some1 tell me how to...

    YO. I'v seen some guys talking about recording games from ESF. And now i'v learned how to RECORD and PLAY them in HL console but i don't know how to edit them and stuff like ESF team did in the trailer. Could someone help me???
  15. Marauder

    Help me?

    Well i have lots of pictures that i wanna make sig out of em, but im not that talented, i wonderd if some1 could help me take 1 of those pictures and put my name on it and edit it abit
  16. Amitron

    Some1 Help Me Please!

    This has become a persisting problem now. I havent even been able to play the game yet but ive heard its great. Ok, this is what happens. Everytime I try to join a game it says this. You cannot connect to a server which is operating under a different protocol version. When i try to...
  17. S

    could some1 ....

    .... make a hole dustructable c00l map for the ALPHA?? cuz master-dorn doesnt want to releas his map (i think). but try make a c00l destructable map (if you guys want offcource). :p
  18. T

    hey can some1 make me a sig

    can some1 make me a sig with majin vegeta firing a blast on each side and him walking in the middle between the blasts thanks:rolleyes:
  19. G

    can some1 make a site?

    Can someone plz make a site for me i want it graphical and kool looking. i really need one.thx if u made one for me just im me at FSENISHI on aol instant messenger.
  20. E

    1st model....Rate plz

    I got bored so i thought id make a lil weopan its 300 summin triangles. MY FIRST so it aint evry good...plz comment