1. ssj4_goku

    can some1 make me a sick-nasty sig?

    can some1 make me a sig that has regular goku and then behind him goku ssj4 or somthing like that? if im requesting this subject wrong please tell me as i am new to the forums. thanks!
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    Could some1 give me the link to esf_powerlevel changer?

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows you to change powerlevel. I'm not talking about the .corePowerlevel that you can find on ESF-World, I'm talking about the other one in .sma format. I googled and googled, but I just CAN'T FIND IT! Could someone please give me the link if not here then via pm...
  3. G

    Can some1 Help

    Can some1 direct me how to play ESF using WON So i can play offline as well as play online
  4. Amidamaru

    can some1

    draw or cel shade this please. thanks in advance
  5. M

    PLZ some1 help mee PLZ

    someone please help me what i do : when i try to get something server and it loads [ Parsing server info ] it doesent do that , it stop to load and do nothing. i have tried to instal steam again but it doesent help! please some1 answer me :(
  6. F

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad

    If some1 can send me Namek.wad so i can play so mpas give me a link or send it to [email protected]
  7. S

    some1 plz help me quik

    some 1 plz help me ive just downloaded esf 1.2.3 but it wont let me install it wat do i put in the destination folder thing some1 plz tell me quik i really wanna play it
  8. S

    plz can some1 help me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can some1 help me asp cuz 9i really wanna play esf......rite ive downloaded 1.0 on my p.c and im on the main menu but there is no start on the main menu that i need to click on to play esf there is also no load either..wat do i do.owwwwwwwwww some1 plz tell quik plz plz plz plz plz i really...
  9. D

    some1 hel plz!

    some1 got a direktory called gfx/vgui/fonts becouse its says that some stuff is missing there in thet direktory so plz help me what should i do???!!!! :confused:
  10. Z

    Generic Balls going thru some1 attack you

    When some1 is quite close to you and u shoot a generic ball at them, it goes through them. This doesnt happen all the time, and happens usually when they are swooping at you :/
  11. Denz

    Can some1 tell me

    WHOS THAT LITTLE GUY and what's he doing?Thank you:)
  12. Denz

    Can some1 PLZ try to create Dabura?

    If dont know how he looks here's a pic
  13. M

    can some1 tell me whats the name of the map that I start in a room and how to exit it

    There was a map named ... I dont remmember, tell me! and in that map I start in a huge room of its creator - its pretty coolish! I need 2 things: its name and how to exit the room to the surface... thats all thx! OH and I think that CTDB isnt supported there, can some1 tell me y?
  14. K

    Could some1 pls send me the original sounds of gohan????

    Heey can some1 pls sendm me the original sounds of gohan... (cant find them anywhere :() DONT say that request forum thing coz i allready did that
  15. The_Prophet

    Can some1 make me a sig?

    Can some1 make me a sig please! I would like it to have gohan SSJ2 in sayaman outfit saying under it "The Prophecies may have been written but the prophets are still gods!". please! pm me!
  16. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  17. N


    i have a clan-site, and i need a logo, sounds cool 2 me, some1 make a logo 4 me? dont matter whats in it. but plz i want to see ''e.s.f'' in the logo, thx iin advance ps: my site is dutch, but i wanted to show anyhoe: my esf clan
  18. D

    request: Dark Makai Tournament Stadium

    I didnt see any request thread or sticky here but I was thinking if some1 was willing to try making the Dark Tournament Coliseum/Stadium from Yu Yu Hakusho, it feels like the perfect map for esf.
  19. M

    how do u make models

    i really want to know how to make models can some1 plz tell me thz
  20. W

    plz help help help fast!!!!!!!!!!! *0*

    ok now plz some1 tell me how can i import models in 3d max studio??? i mean how can i edit MDL?? (models...) or smd and how can i compile like milkshape????