1. MONXver2.0

    Dreaming without sleeping?

    Sometimes when I lay down to just close my eyes i'm able to see random images. I suspect since I do this when i'm semi-tired my brain thinks i'm asleep already and lets loose the images. Maybe has to do with Hypnagogia. Keep in mind this dosen't always happend. Just when i'm relaxed/semitired...
  2. Z

    sleeping disorders

    hey everyone, i have been having some seriouse sleeping disorters troughout my life just couldntsleep n stuff. i have been up now for neirly FIVE FRIGGING DAYS. nothing helps even sleeping pills dont. anyone got an ideah on how to fix this lil god dang problem i have or do others have this...
  3. JDeezNutz

    My friend and I pranked my friend while sleeping (Video...12 meg download vid)

    Enjoy! Video Does Contain Strong Language Near The End Of The Video Clip
  4. SailorAlea

    Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon

    Has anybody else played the game "Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon," or any of the other Broken Sword series? It's an Adventure game, like Monkey Island. Like old point and click, except it's not point and click anymore. The graphics are absolutely astounding, the voiceacting is -great-, the...