1. N

    and im skining a sasuke = ]

    i tried to skin sasuke my way here is what i got i didint took long, tbh it took a few hours. and i must say that there isent much too skin, few lines here and there : D i added some extra lines couse the maps where to empty for meh : D and ravven im faster then you xD !! i already got the...
  2. N

    and im skining a Naruto = ]

    Ravven contacted me and asked if i could give a shoot with he's naruto. It was like 2 months ago lolz, but i finaly got a free while to take a shoot at it :fight: The skin is going to be in the cell shaded style, just as he wanted , I used the pics found here, for refs. But i mainly...
  3. LionHeart

    skining tutorial

    pls, i need it :D
  4. DBZhell

    Skining help

    i need skinnig tutorials.... more tuts i will get more happy i will be :) but seriuosly i need some because that one in mega modeling and skining thread is broken... so please people help me :scared:
  5. C

    Need Help Skining my Gun

    Hey I modeled a Gun and I need help Skining it, ANYONE out there willing to help me skin it, if so Post here and I'll post some pics of the gun....and I will try and send it to you.
  6. S

    Skining tutorial

    Ok. i made a Omega shenron model and i need a skining tutorial to make a skin. Can Someone Help Me? :cry:
  7. G

    trunks needs skining

    i have a trunks model and it nedds to be skined pm me or E-mail me i dont have a pic yet though creditz:me
  8. G

    !!!Question about Skining!!!

    How do I make skins for ESF :confused: :confused: :confused: I know how to make skins for GTA 3 and VC and The Sims, is it the same:confused: :confused: :confused: PLease answer!!
  9. S

    can any one help me

    Can anyone help me by telling me how to skin map plzz (am going to start skining my metal gear rex model ^_^) so can any one help me on how to creat them?? thx
  10. G

    New Kid Buu

    This is my newest model kid buu This is my 3rd real model and only my first skin so if you have any tips or any thing tell me( do not mention the hands I was lazy and had to many polies already) You can see this at my website
  11. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Majin Buu

    heh forgot about this model, thought id get to work on finishing it off, what ya think?
  12. I

    what a good skining prgram

    ok my paintshop pro epired i need a good skinning program to skin my ssj4 vegeta anyone now??
  13. B

    Good Skining Tutorials

    Ya im gonna start skinning im OK (well im crap) at PSP and would like to skin a bit and would like to know of any good turtorials, ya i tried polycount but that site is all messed up cant find my way about it. any others or direct links please help a beginner skinner. BrunO
  14. OneWingedAngel

    Skinning and stuff

    Ok i'm haveing trouble skinning how do i make my own skins in paint shop pro?!? please tell me! then how do i apply them to my model?!? Also does anyone know were i can learn how to model and skin with MilkShape and paintshop pro? please help
  15. OneWingedAngel

    Modeling And skining

    Ok i have milkshape and paintshop pro. first thing how do i put a skin on my model(s)? and what do joints and face do in milkshape? and doeas anyone know were to get a craked (hacked) version of milkshape. Also How do i make somthing a .mdl all mine are .ms3d please help thanx bye
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