1. M

    Yourself Simpsons Style

    Lol, go here to make your own version of yourself, using the Simpson style. Here's mine. They didn't have the facial hair that I preferred so I just drew in on there.
  2. The_Forgotten

    The Simpsons Vs. Futurama

    Which one is better?(in your opinion) _________________________________________ Futurama owns you. ;/
  3. B

    Simpsons ESF Map!!!

    its de_simpsons from cs,but its a fun and unique experince for esf, and yes there is more flying space then the averige cs map. exract it with winzip to either c: \program files\steam\steamapps\youremail\half-life\esf, or c: \valve\steam..etc...depends...
  4. Madd Dog

    Best Simpsons Moments

    As a typical die ahrd fan of the simpsons i made this thread devoted to the best ever simpsons moments or quotes, ill start it off ------------ when releaseing the weather balloon bart attaches a picture os skinner to it and it looks like skinners but is the balloon part and hes holding...
  5. P


    my pics i was pretty bored earlier today so i made this crits wanted
  6. E

    Simpsons Trivia

    I am a big fan of the Simpsons. So I figured these forums should have some Simpsons trivia. It will work like this. I will ask a question, and when someone answers the question correctly I will acknowledge their responce and add a new question. The questions will start pretty easy and get...
  7. Optimus Prime

    Is the Simpsons long past Overdue?

    You gotta wonder how long these guys can go. I mean, the new episodes, while they are still funny, just don't strike me as full of laughter as previous seasons did. And, the occasional clip show, just pisses me off. What does everyone else think? This doesn't mean reply with "The s1mpsons...
  8. Hiro

    All Time Simpsons Quote!

    so outta these which is your favorite quote?
  9. MONXver1.5

    Lid's simpsons question of the day #2

    Spring field hospital? :D
  10. L

    Lid's Simpsons question of the day #1

    Time to start the trivia from DMZ forums, with simpsons replacing DBZ First question ever: What secene did Proffessor Frink stop on to show the Jury the puff of blue hair at the grassy nole? (yes i am being serious)