1. E

    Just simple question.. If you had the FrostBite 2.0 Engine ..

    If you had the MOST ! strong engine today - FrostBite Engine , You will leave the half life engine and start over on the frostbite engine ?, I mean , AMAZING Graphics, BEST Physx engine ... So what you guys would choose: 1.Stay with the Half life Engine - Soon 1.3 final release ( i think)...
  2. DarkVegetaESF

    Quick and Simple question

    Sorry for that but i need to ask this:im playing Esf 1.3 Open beta i need to know what to put in the console to raise my powerlevel,its all legal,just the command sorry for that :fight:
  3. N

    A simple question.

    are there any servers that use ecx rc2 and big pack?
  4. MrPlow

    Help an idiot solve simple math problems

    A small brick of text. If you don't wanna read just look at the bottom of the post there is the question. Well there is this "new" thing my beloved country of Croatia came up with for students who finished high school and want to go to college called "State matura" which is basically a series...
  5. grOOvy

    Apple iPad Anyone going to get one of these? I'm thinking about getting the low-end one for my Mum as a computer to use around the house. She currently uses a thinkpad from work, so this might be a more exciting and simple way to browse the web and check email.
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Simple religious topic.

    The question is simple: Do you believe in everything written in the Bible.
  7. I

    Simple Question

    I was just wondering which file controls the swoop trail when you fly?
  8. D

    Simple Question

    I was just wondering which file controls the swoop trail when you fly?
  9. KYnetiK

    Simple Plugin Problems

    OK, Im working on a transformation plugin, which works quite well for the most part, but for some reason doing something as [apparently] simple as changing beam sprites is just doing my head in. Ive scoured the web about this and my syntax is correct, i cant see anything wrong with it, but it...
  10. john_volkov

    Best Simple Advance melee

    Butons = L-Click - for advance melee R-click - for advance melee combos Teleport Block Oki first of how to perfome an advance melee. You need to swoop into the enemy holding L-click.Once you hit the enemy ,bouth the attacker and the defender will start hiting each other.Then a Power Strugle...
  11. The Deco

    New advanced melee idea (Yes another, I hope its simple enough)

    New advanced melee idea (I think its simple enough | No replys??) This is gonna be pretty simple I think, the animations will take more time. Every character has the same styles which you can differ from the character stance animation (Kung Fu style. Every character has different animation...
  12. -Origin

    Made this simple looking signature.. yeah.

    Been playing a lot of Stalker lately, with some mods.. got the idea from there.
  13. Crescent

    simple melee would be more fun?

    you all know how it works. well some of you do >.< this is an idea that will make the game more enjoyable for me(and others to i think but let me know if you like it). I want to know everyone's thoughts.... on this.. good/bad/and i dont take kindly to insult's but i love improvement's or...
  14. S

    Simple sigg

    Quick & simple any comments ?
  15. john_volkov

    Simple Melee Bug

    some timess when you simple melee some one to go into the ground he will go up and you will stay on him and hit him as many time's you like even till he dies
  16. Solent

    Simple Melee

    well, who is the diference in ESF than other DBZ games? You use the mouse For that reason i love this tipe of combo But have 2 problems 1 In the midle of the fight its very hard to start, some times you and the enemy are in the air,nobody...
  17. K

    Hey I have a simple question

    Were there be a patch for esf 1.3????O_O
  18. Y

    rather simple sig O_o

    Something simple i made...Seeing as i havent opened ps in awhile o.O C&C
  19. F

    Simple and quick question(s)

    How are the Naruto and Bleach shows coming along? Have the fillers stopped or what? Should I continue to download them? (Erm, if this is against the AUP please let me know)
  20. Theoboy

    Simple modeling in Milkshape 3D

    Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone there could teach me how to model trees and simple stuff in Milkshape 3D 1.7.8? If there is PM me.
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