1. Viper

    Mists of Pandaria opening sequence This is way better than the Cata one!
  2. underline

    advanced melee. and the 'teleport sequence'

    Hi. its me again! :D well, i dunno if its possible or easy to code... but its very very cool IMO when 2 players are connected by the advanced melee, one of then should be able to start 'teleport sequences'.. like in the show when the fighter start teleporting around the place and we are...
  3. C

    Prepunch sequence

    How can you input more than 3 prepunch in adv melee?
  4. S

    Compile error!

    well, i got this error, when i want to compile my model. all the textures files and reference.smd and sequence.smd are in one map, so i compile the .QC file, and it´s compiling and then my milkshape just quits like that, it just shuts off, can anyone help me please?
  5. V

    spirtes to bitmaps

    how can you make sprites tot bitmaps??!!
  6. S

    ms3d help to save

    how i save my model in ms3d??? i cant save it in Gamestudio A5 MDL = Warning No Control Script Found, thats wierd
  7. grOOvy

    Escape Sequence

    Hey, just a quick question, tried searching and couldn't find anything on this.... I want to bind the letter "n" to change my esf name to "|::Z::| grOOvy {ape}".... so I would use the console command: bind n "name "|::Z::| grOOvy {ape}"" Now the first red " will be recognized as the end...
  8. S

    how to open models in milkshape3d?

    how do u open downloaded models into milkshape?
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    New sig/avatar sequence..

    Here they are, I downsized a bit, to be a little different this time. Critz? I may make a colorized version, I don't know yet. Btw, I made myself a logo, it is a eagle :)
  10. Bryggz

    new project, same old story

    ok everyone wants an "electricity aura", correct? well, im on my way, ive already created a model that has seperate "electric bolts" inside of the aura, all i need to do is figure out how to change their color, and give them some animations, and we can have ourselves a nice badass aura :) so ima...
  11. Abhorsen

    How do i make a mdl file

    i made a gohan model and when i go to compile qc file it says that the sequence.smd cannot be found. what iam i doing wrong?
  12. M

    a question about modeling

    i've been learning how to model and i've got to the point were i need to compile but when i do it tells me something about illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "idle" "Bip01 L Foot" has "Bip01 L Leg1", reference has "Bip01 L Calf" illegal parent bone replacement in sequence...
  13. G


    Sorry to bother ya with my silly question but i want to know how to animate models for the hl-engine. i searched everywhere but i didn't find a complete tut so if ya could post one or a link i would be very thankfully :fight: :rolleyes:
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