1. Avenger

    US airport security tightened; body-scanners and pat-downs introduced

    Source Basically it seems like the US will in the future give you three choices in terms of flying: 1. Go through the x-ray scanner. 2. Get patted down. 3. Don't fly at all (don't try to get through the checkpoint, or you will be fined a sizable sum of money). I don't think any kind of...
  2. Grega


    Habby birthday Wallmart :p I know you arnt a kid but i still think this game could be fun XD To big for IMG tags ^^
  3. Phobius

    Changing your Security TCP connect Limits

    Some of you might already know this some might not but I thought I would let you guys know about it. Basically theres a security limit on your TCP/IP connects which can lead to slower download and upload speeds via torrents, p2p and what not. The reason why they put this security limit on was...
  4. Grega


    Thats right the guy has birthday :p Have a good one walmart security person ^^
  5. Killface

    Security needs to fix his blaster

    I have a 1988 Yamaha Blaster 4-wheeler, 2 stroke, kick start, ect... But I have a small problem. We rebuilt it about 6 months ago, added a new piston, rings, gaskets, and a filter and its runs great. But not anymore... I was riding it one day and it sputtered, struggled to keep on running...
  6. Killface

    Security needs help, for once!

    I never thought I would be posting a topic here again, but I have an issue with ESF Beta 1.2.3. Whenever I try to create a lan game I get the following Error message... "Could not Load Library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/ESF/cl_dlls\client.dll" Whats up with that?
  7. Killface

    Security's computer

    hey, Along time ago I decided to build my computer, I threw a P4 3.0ghz, Sapphire Radeon X300, PCIe mobo, and all the other goods, but sadly i ran out of money before i could get an OS. That brings me to my question, I want to run XP home on my compy but im not sure if i should get OEM, does...
  8. madgik

    Help with Listen Server Security

    Well I decided to dabble my hand in settng up a listen server with Meta Mod and AMX mod X. Got it working fine, by following the instruction in the Documentaion on th AMX Mod X site. It works fine, and I have had hours of fun slapping and kicking my friends about muhahaha. Well i was running...
  9. PiXel

    Security and Host for free

    Security: (after a downloaded file.. better scan this file ^^) Host: (100 mb) (for germany,austria and switzterland) (unlimited mb) (for other countrys) (unlimited mb) (20 mb)...
  10. A

    Mcafee Internet Security Suite - I Cant disable FW

    Uhh... I've having trouble disabling the firewallthat comes with Mcafee Internet Security Suite 6.0 2004. ... I Cant make my ESF/CS/NS/.. every hl mod server anymore :S .. CAn anyone help me to figure out how to disable it so i can make my server again. No one want to help me?
  11. owa

    Fortress Security.

    Hey I heard some people talking about somthing called "Fortress" and it helps secure your computer. I was wondeirng were I oculd get this and the URL. This would be appreciated so pleaseg ive meh it. thanks.
  12. W

    comp security i need a little help

    okay folks i got a question does anyone know of any secuirty program for a computer that i could use besides passwords to lock people out of it thxs for your help