1. Optimus Prime

    Screw the iPhone, make your own!
  2. E

    Wow, screw you Valve

    Say goodbye to counterstrike 1.5 ladies and gentlemen, valve has noted that as of the end of this month all WON I.D. servers (1.5) will be gone, well i guess its time to stop playing counterstrike because apparently i have to contstantly update steam and lag because i have to keep it open when i...
  3. Soulicro

    Screw Simplicity

    In light of the new simple-sig craze, I have decided to make an extra-busy sig. how do you like it?
  4. S

    In-game screw up

    Ok, so I got 1.2 working on WON, but a lot of the time when I try to create a server, or I try to create a server after changing my video settings to anything but software 390x460 or something, the screen turns blue and this white message comes up. "WINDOWS A fatal exception OE has occured...
  5. MinesSkylineR34

    New wp, screw homework

    i got tired of homework openned up photoshop and made this
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Nuttzy base - Goku WIP

    Decided to make goku from nuttzy bse model Credit to: Nuttzy , me
  7. 1_heart_boobies

    photosop is confusing.....

    man...i just bought a photoshop 7.0 and was on those online tutorial things. i tried to do that ice text thing and failed 8/ photoshop is hard...
  8. Jimesu_Evil

    King Vegeta: Jimesu_Evil edition

    I just copped a warning for advertising on the other King Vegeta thread, so here's mine. What do you think? Credits to: DC Darkling for the saiyan saga Vegeta model and SS_Vegeta for the cape (buu's cape) Download HERE!
  9. Optional

    Pulling hair out of my head!

    OK, I just thought up of something really cool to make with Valve Hammer! It requires vertex manipulation, right? OK, I make a block. Then, I barely move it up and boom! Invalid Solid Structure error! I do a fix and it moves it like 50 ft. away from where the hell I wanted it! Gah, it's so...
  10. Ultra33Gokussj3

    well be amazed complete

    First of all dont tell me fix those fix that or i wont release it! :\ :\ :\ Secondli heres a complete pack of GT GOKU like i promised :laff: The edits are all in 1.1 format! Credit to: norm - AZN - arms + legs + body PrO - legs + vest skin real modeler of goku - head ss - AZN -...
  11. Vashusa

    can anyone help me in mapping

    can anyone tell me a way to see a alredy finished map in Valve Hmmer Editor. I need a;ll the help i can get( nooby mapper). i dont reall have the hang of mapping yet
  12. Baaja

    Map Help

    Guy's i need some help. The esf_rosat and esf_mid maps are all messy on my comp...they keep blinking in a greyish color. plz help.
  13. G

    My First Wallpaper

    This is my first wallpaper. Since this is my first I wanted to start out unique so I picked Bubble Gum Crisis. I have been working on this wallpaper for over a month because I had never done one before. *I HAD HELP!* Crits?
  14. Effigy

    New Screw Ups

    Lol yeh i know everyone probly seen this pics but anyways
  15. G

    Modell question ..

    I was wondering , How do I regroup a modell ? I'm going to skinn a modell , and I need to regroup , Like ears, body , head , legs . And stuff like that . But I can't do it becouse all those dots .. They come alond when I wanna move a selected form and screw up the hole modell .. By the way...
  16. S

    Okay, Mapping Programs?

    I hate Worldcraft. It has constantly tried to foil me at every mapping attempt I made. So screw it. Is there any, free, mapping tool out there for me? A simple one with lots of clear, detailed tutorials that don't assume you know where everything is? Please? And if anyone, so help me god...
  17. R

    Bebi vegita

    okay people heres a an idea for ya u remeber when bebi came to earth before he made vegita all****ed up u should skin a vegita model like him when he is skinny and has on all back or the red top with the blue geans on i think gloves no finger gloves now that would be kool
  18. F

    Mr Smo

    Can someone answer me something? I see all these wonderful and amazing models and I think to myself....these are fine and dandy but are they able to replace models in ESF or are they just made for us to look at??!?!?!?
  19. Hsu

    New flash work

    Here is new work that I am doing in flash. Still needs a lot of work to be finished. The hair also it not complete.
  20. A

    The Models are very awful!!!!

    Can someone make other skins? Ok,the models of Son-Goku and Vegeta are good but when i see trunks,i think this are a old man But the effects and maps are really good