In-game screw up

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Mar 1, 2004
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Ok, so I got 1.2 working on WON, but a lot of the time when I try to create a server, or I try to create a server after changing my video settings to anything but software
390x460 or something, the screen turns blue and this white message comes up.


A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:C00071D5 in VXD VMM (01) + 000061D5

The current application will be terminated

Press any key to continue"

Then I press a key, and it exits to my desktop with that crappy resolution that I have to set it to. When I try to re-enter halflife after this message comes up, I get this message in halflife writing "Direct X 6 or higher needs to be installed, please install it and restart halflife"

Even tho when I installed halflife, it said it detected directX, and if I try to reinstall directX 6, I get that blue message when trying to enter halflife.

Does anyone have a clue of what this might be? (I doubt it) because its really pissing me off.
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Jan 18, 2002
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Reinstall, or rather install the latest Version of DirectX and Video Card Drivers.

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