1. D

    SBC change

    Special beam cannon which is used by both cell and piccolo,is kind of cheam cuz you can shoot them over and over back to back,even while one is still going at the opponent.I think it should be changed to where you can only shoot a 2nd spc after the first one has exploded,what do you guys think...
  2. ZeroNightmare

    Frieza & Piccolo -Finger Laser and SBC

    Meh. I think the finger laser should be charged like a beam. Plain and simple. For the primary attack, have a fast charging little beam, with alot of damage. For the alternet attack, think budokai 3 in friezas dragon rush. Have it charge again, but longer then shoot alot of lasers...
  3. G

    piccolos SBC

    i was just wondering, when you are going to fix this bug with the size, can we expect it in 1.2.2 or in 1.3 ?
  4. M

    SBC bug

    i have this happen only a few times....i will be playin against bots(this only happens with picolo and cell) and they will shoot an SBC and it will just stay there in teh middle of the map, or wherever, i can fly thru and everything and get no damage. and sum times they can fire like 2 at a...
  5. O

    NEW SBC!!!!

    so special beam cannon is inda weak so this is what im suggestin so when u shoot it at a enemy and some one is behind him they will both get hit by it so sorta piercing damage it would be cooler and it wouldnt still be instatnt kill and u could control the sbc and it would basically work like...
  6. B

    damned SBC!!! >:(

    For some reason each time the bot uses a special beam cannon it always kicks me out of half-life completly... has anyone else had this problem because its really annoying ;( ;(
  7. G


    I think you guys should Attach the SBC so thad Cell and piccolo not just shoot it and prepare another one while the other player is blocking it. Also Trunks Burning attack you should do with thad as you did with the Genic beam, course in the serie Trunks use the Burning attack as a Ball. not...
  8. M


    Attack tweaks Attach sbc -does that means it will be controll able? after you answer this - read this: if it will - will it have ant logical connection to DBZ? if it wont... what is the point of making it Attached? (clue: disatvantaged beam! means=> unbalancing) I just dont...
  9. PiXel

    NEW SBC!!!!

    waht u say?
  10. R


    i just red a thread of having sbc attached, i dont no if its been suggested b4 but how about u shoot a sbc(attached) then ur secondry fire(right click) to detach it and then right click again to explode it
  11. tekhsheen

    NEW SBC...

    :devgrin: :devgrin: :cool: if you want the new special beam cannon, you can e-mail me at [email protected] then, can some 1 tell me how to put screen shots in the post? :cool: :devgrin: :devgrin:
  12. SierraSonic

    SBC Improvments

    The way the SBC currently is, its very easyly spammed, seriously spammed, I think it shoudl take longer to charge and keep its strentgh the way it is, its liek a free moving kame with no charge time. :x That really makes it abusive, and thats all people do on most servers. Which makes it...
  13. Wizard's Curse

    My SBC sprite pack !

    I remade the SBC beam and imo made it look more like in the show ... the original had too many colors on it ... but maybe thats just me lol :p Also Ive made the charging sprite diferent ... made it smaller and gave it blue sparks soo it not the same as the masenko one anymore :laff...
  14. Q

    Picollo's SBC

    I dunno If this was already mentioned before, but what the hey.. Picollo's special beam cannon should be considered a ONE-HIT kill. It also should look more like a drill! (make it smaller!) And, instead of exploding, IT SHOULD GO THROUGH (like the disc) Because in the anime, it is a...
  15. Majiin_Vegeta


    hmm so much stuff to read thru but i cant be bothered.i dunno if this has been brought up before but whats gonna happen about the SBC and this PS u get into if you shoot end up in this PS..and the other guy can freely move.... which is unfair because you cant get outa the PS for...
  16. Quicksilver

    SBC Bug

    I Know many of U already have seen this.... But.... 2 questions.... Why is SBC So BIG .... and why is it not an attached beam.... of course shall it not beable to swing like the FF and kamehameha..... but it shall be attached..... then it can have an ALT fire.... where it not is attached :D
  17. BlackVashAngel

    Question bout multi-psin with SBC

    ok, i was really bored and i came up with this question that i never tried b4 cuz no one would help me.... here's how my question goes if say, goku fired a meha at u (u being Picollo) and u fired a sbc and thus, the psing begins, but here's the question- will u be able to fire...
  18. Vengaurd

    Vengaurds Files (SBC fix for 1.1)

    Check out My Site for some importaint news on my sprite editing for ESF on a side note, i have compleated the Special Beam Cannon Fix for 1.1, no more nazi purple beam cannon!
  19. K

    renzoku, SBC and scatter shot

    i understand the reason for giving vegeta the renzoku attack, cos he goes nuts often, but why shouldnt all the character be able to do that, all it is a firing rate speed up, most DBZ have or can do it why not assign the double ki blast shot to the left click and the renzoku to the right click...
  20. B0Bmaster40000

    Special Beam Cannon

    ive made a replacement sprite and model for the special beam cannon, so the head is a warhead, and the trail is just smoke. it looks pretty cool (and funny, cause the nuke is friggin huge), except that the model is transparent. Is there a way to change the transparency of the sbc head model? or...
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