1. B

    Haruno Sakura - anime character -final fantasy

    Hi, long time I think Since this was my second community I've been in the past, first one was DBU, I have a few nice memories here, and I decided to come and maybe show some of my personal artwork that is related to anime universe only. This is a character that was created for my own...
  2. M


  3. DJ-Ready

    Dirty Sakura [WIP]

    So.. yeah. I decided to do a sakura redesign for that model contest :) Not too much stuff left to do I think... Decided to go for some kind of more comical style, not exactly sure how to describe it. 2130 Polies Didnt use any concept for her exept some fanarts for the basic shape of the hair...
  4. DBZ master

    sakura is a ****en *****

    sukura sucks and is a ***** who ever likes her is also a ***** telll me what yuo think\
  5. T

    Naruto and Sakura

    Shouldnt sakura like naruto instead of saska considering the fact that Naruto is the main character
  6. S

    Sakura is a hoe

    this is from an open canvas session with krazyace, i finished it off later on mah own though, still gotta learn brush stroke conservation, but im getting better I wudda drawn it bigger but.... i was in open canvas and this only started out as a quick pose sketch.... bleh, anyway, hope u like =0...
  7. PiXel

    Sakura W.I.P. (14 years old Sakura!)

    lol it was not specifieded but i work on a sakura... i really was bothered to find any good ref of her but she neevr stand still expect with her head.. beh anyway i would be happy for any drawovers and critism: polycount is 929 tris ... but its for hl2 O_o omfg...
  8. Mr. Phonso

    Sakura wip

    here is my wip, its nearly done and i have someone who wants to uv her and another who wants to skin big thx to elemental for the help and model sujestions
  9. Valeska

    sakura letter

    most of it is brushed, dev account -
  10. G

    Naruto - Sakura usefulness?!?

    I seen alot of threads on diffrent boards with hateful threads made dedicated to sakura of naruto. What i wanna know is, why does everyone find her so annoying, and is she really that useless?!? I mean her character is rather smart just stuck on boys right now or so it seems :rolleyes: What are...
  11. Ryoko


    is stupid. lol i liked this stock so much it had to be a sig. ^;^ Will change font later, im not a fan of it.
  12. M

    sakura wip

    decided to continue on my sakura model, but before I can do that, I gotta show you guys sakura at her current state right now. A few problems I'm having though, I can't shape out her body, and legs for some reason, I try to move a poly, but it makes another poly stick out like a spike, so...
  13. D

    'Nother new Sakura sig

    I don't know, I just thought Sakura fit.... So.... new sig =3 Made it for someone else, but they didn't want it so now I'm keeping it =3
  14. V

    New Sginature (Sakura new style)

    well i did an new signature.. with new style character color i'm pretty proud on it what do you guys think about it? :smile:
  15. S

    **Sakura WIP**

    I already finished the head, and i'm workin on the torso now. thats the easy part ^^.
  16. The Noodler

    Street Fighter Sakura si

    Well i have been makin alot of new sigs and stuff, and i think im gettin better at it. i havent added in the text yet, cuz im scared to ruin it. anyways here is my newest sig i have made: I think its good, oh well critz.
  17. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper (1st since my new comp)

    yep all done with photoshop except the twisted grid which was done in 3dsmax and also
  18. M

    new winterish sig

    -----> What do ya think?
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