1. H

    [ESF 1.3]Fuse with other player/bot!(only for saiyans)

    Well, because we does not have the option to fuse using the metamoru fusion dance or potara earrings? This is sample, follow my idea: You will fuse with a bot/other player, using potara or metamoru fusion dance, and you decides what player will control the fusion. The fusion reverts if you are...
  2. ESCachuli

    Saiyans are back on DBO

    this afternoon i was reading at DBO ESP, a really good new: Saiyans are Back again!!! to have one, you have to choose a human, marry and maybe your son will be half saiyan. that means that humans have a little of saiyan gene (one thing that is very obviously, because Chichi and Bulma would die...
  3. M

    DBZ Movie - Plan to Destroy All Saiyans?

    Does anyone know about this or has seen this? <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
  4. KidMan

    Goku's House, Gohan's house or The site where the saiyans came

    I was thinking it would be awesome to fight near Goku's house or Grandpa Gohans house or even the site where Vegeta and Nappa landed and you oculd fight around the sayian space pods. That would be really cool to have. Also i had a question about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Will you guiys...
  5. M

    what happened to red saiyans site?

    ? Sorry haven't been here in a long time
  6. V


    Just a question, when they wished everyone who was killed by Freiza alive, why didnt all the Saiyans come back??? Just a thought
  7. HyperSaiyaman

    Changeling Trooper Skin!

    For those that dont know, a changeling is the race of King Cold, Frieza and cooler, well as i thought it might be troopers in their planet so i made one heres a picture post ur opinions: I know this is a crazy idea without sense but im bored and i had nothing else to do ;)
  8. A


    iv searched and found nothing but there r 3 thransfomation sprites and i would like to no witch one gkou uses and witch one vegeta uses so i can give vegeta and all other saiyans lighining in there transformation so even if is a stupid comment hummar me also is there any ay to make the sbc...
  9. V

    Piccolo's tranformation

    Anyone else think that esf should have piccolos untransformed model with his cape and hat and when he does transform he looses the cape and hat? I think him jsut sittign and meditating and he jsut gains more p/l eh should have something diffrent when eh transform...
  10. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!! with poll lol

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  11. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra super saiyans

    This is like Ultra Super Saiyans looks like try to make them you want regret it: Ultra Vegeta Ultra Trunks
  12. I

    Immortal Saiyans Sig Thread

    Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, My new sig (Made by me of course :)) Well let me hear what yall have to say about my sig. P.S. Ill post sigs that i make as they come, So keep checking for hopefully new and better sigs. :p
  13. E

    idea for ultra saiyans

    starters im not sure its ultra i know it may be but fo the sake of argument im gonna call it ultra this may sound stupid but what if ultra saiyan was a like saiyan move that you can select once you reach a certain power or like a new button to press to activate it and when its pressed or...
  14. ScooterMan

    Saiyans blood is back...thicker than before...POLL pls read and vote

    The new and improved the POLL!!!! Can som1 pls tell me why the saiyans lose pl when they drop below 10hp. Shouldnt it be the other way around? Thats my suggestion, the below hp rule is reversed for saiyans. Cause as it is it makes no sense... i understand it would be hard to balance but...
  15. D

    How Do i get these charters like goten to work in efs

    i tryed it but it dosnt work i mean how can i put it in
  16. R@!D3R

    -]DS[ Clan Recruitment (Dark Saiyans)

    Hello, we are a newly created ESF clan and are in need of members with talent. We have a dedicated server, it's ip is and the website is under construction but you can preview it here for now. If you are interested in joining you can...
  17. S

    dbgt mod fianl saiyans

    FS is a mod in development now. It is about GT and this is to inform you about it. We are looking for talented mod members. There is an info pack about our mod linked at the bottom of this post aswell as a link to our forums. Thanks for your support. forum info pack p.s. im on da...
  18. P

    Dragon Ball Z - Return of the Saiyans

    After seeing how many of you want to learn c++, i figured i should show you guys some of my early attempts of coding:) I have 2 downloads, the game its self, and the source code. Now, the code is old, buggyish, not commented properly, yada yada yada... Note - I am A LOT better now, so dont...
  19. S

    Pink Saiyan Wip

    Spin I dont mean to offend you or anything but I was bored so... Copy & Paste Url
  20. N

    Sonic and Saiyans?

    Has ne1 other than me notice that when sonic charges up he looks like a super saiyan? Have I discovered what the saiyan evolved from? :p
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