1. DiebytheSword

    Roshi's Sock Drawer, aka, the over 18 years old club. Lets talk.

    Alright. Here's the deal, we've talked with the host, and we have two hard fast no-no's that cannot be posted on Gamer's Desire. Drug talk and outright porn (naked solo counts) can't be posted regardless of the age of the group viewing it. So what I need from those who want this to happen...
  2. KidMan

    Master Roshi!

    Master Roshi is a freakin PIMP! Good Job on the picture Pain.
  3. V

    When i try to join Roshi Island....

    When i try to join Roshi Island it says Fatal Error: Could not open file Mysticssjgoku4.wad Can anyone help please? :) Also how do i make a map with dragonballs in it?
  4. M

    Roshi Island??

    Anyone got a link for a Roshi Island map for Esf??? :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. T

    Master Roshi in ESF 1.3 ?

    Should Master Roshi be in ESF 1.3 ?
  6. S

    Master Roshi WIP

    this will be my 2nd Model for DBZ HOOD less work then piccolo 2 and here he the master of DB :P MASTER ROSHI!
  7. RoshkoMasta

    Master Roshi Wip(all forms)

    originally I wanted him just to look like a pimp now that I c how noob I am I just try to model him for seriously speaking of which (oposite) :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff: all forms ha? well we'll see about that I was doing it after I spent a whole night studying for some very "interesting"...
  8. X

    Requesting Master Roshi Model

    I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to make a master roshi model. One of him wearing clothes and then another one of him with giant muscels and no shirt. If be needed I can provide pictures. I need it to go with the master roshi soundpack I made a couple months ago. People like it...
  9. X

    Master Roshi Soundpack!!!!

    It's finally done!! Woohoo!!! My Master Roshi soundpack is finally completed!! There only only three intructions to read before downloading. 1)Right click link and select save target as. *That is how you download it. 2)After downloading and extracting, read the Important!.txt file before...
  10. T

    young Roshi pic

    :] This is a pic I drew ages ago but now i decided to colour it should be masters roshi when he was young :cool: my personal opinion: the drawing isn't that bad but I suck at special effects.
  11. B

    New character: Master Roshi?

    I don't know about anyone else, but I would love to see master roshi fighting lol :D
  12. T


  13. S


    Hi. I have no idea how to make a map or what is possible in them, but what about some npc´s who stand around or run away from the evil guys. Like some nameks on the namekmaps or some guys in the budokai maps who stand around the ring... maybe muten roshi and the others :laff: Is that...
  14. Black Raven

    3 little reskins

    I´ve made 3 reskins,hope you´ll liek them ^^ 1.Redsaiyan Vegeta Redsaiyan Vegeta, i´ve try to keep as near as possible to the orginal redsaiyan head from Spins great page. Picture: Download: Credits to Azn Dragon...
  15. TehMuffinMan

    some quick funky models :S

    anyways, i was bored and did some more models... end of story... pics?... ook... deamon: as you see, i did a little skin for it too.. hmm... you want another??? last time.. master roshi: hmm... i dunno what to do with these models...they just sit here.:S any ideas?
  16. Death The Jedi

    1st Grunge

    I made my first grunge thing.. it probably sucks, but let me know what you think.
  17. Escobar

    WIP layout crits and comments plz.. crits r important, but remember this is still very WIP
  18. Death The Jedi


    I made another wall paper, it's not great, I know, but here it is: I'll take all criticism you want to give me, (I know I need it). If you like it, feel free to rip it and use it for whatever you want, but I doubt anyone likes it.
  19. A

    Where's Roshi?

    I heard a few people talking about a Master Roshi model... But I never saw one on the forum or on RS... Can someone upload it at RS??? Or send it per E-Mail to me??? Would be nice...
  20. Naz


    haven't made a wall in this style yet want some opinions on it grtz Naz