1. T

    Vegeta's renzoku enegry attack...

    Does anyone else think that the charge time for this move should be faster. It is one of his signature moves so he should have an advantage over everybody in the ki ball catagory. The way the charge up for it is now, why not throw a gallit gun instead. Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. G

    Ah! my renzoku!

    I was just wondering about this...when i play Vegeta and use the renzoku (fast kiblasts) hes sopposed to say "ya ya ya ya" or sumthin like that but i dont hear nuthing when i
  3. C

    Renzoku or Burning attack?WHat is weekest?

    What is the weekest between this 2 attacks????????? Burning attack ofcorse!!
  4. M

    Kame Torpedos and Renzoku Problems

    When I create my own lan game, or even server, just to practice a bit with bots, or just torture them for fun, I notice that I my kame torpedos with Goku are not there. Also I can't use the Renzoku or even Ki blasts with Vegeta?? :shocked: Is this some kind of bug, or am I just being a nooB...
  5. P

    Higher Charge Renzoku

    That chargable ki blast vegeta has i think it would be cool if he could shoot more like u can change it up so u can shoot up to 100 ki blasts the minimum limit can be like 5 so the charging line will be like in the begginging of the charging ball like when vegeta was firing crap at...
  6. D.C. Darkling


    Do I need to say more? I released the model for 1.1 Download for Alpha 2.1 is on my site and redsaiyan. This is NOT compatible with Beta 1.0. Download the Alpha 2.0 from redsaiyan if you want to use it in ESF 1.0 That is all...
  7. D.C. Darkling


    Ok.. i am currently working on the saiyan saga vegeta I made. No.. I haven't done anything I wanted on it yet. This patch is merely to make it 1.1 compatible. (someone had to make more sequences for renzoku then the 1.0 model suggested :fight: ) I am now debugging it and rebuilding some...
  8. K

    renzoku, SBC and scatter shot

    i understand the reason for giving vegeta the renzoku attack, cos he goes nuts often, but why shouldnt all the character be able to do that, all it is a firing rate speed up, most DBZ have or can do it why not assign the double ki blast shot to the left click and the renzoku to the right click...
  9. ultrassj_vegeta


    i do realise some bits are screwd up... however im too lazy to fix them at this stage... the mistakes shall be done when i have feedback on what to change... crits.. thnx u!
  10. Skyrider

    about the Vegeta’s new Renzoku (Rapid Ki Blast)

    :\ just a small question. how come his powerlevel whas 100.000? if you start you mostly begin whit 600.000+ so above 600.000
  11. We$$ide

    re-animations for beta 1.1???

    in beta 1.1 are some new attacks, but shouldn't some models be reanimated like goku with his kame torpedos? *edit* i mean models which are made like the ssj2, ssj3 goku ect.
  12. A

    Vegeta's Renzoku

    How do u use it in the game?
  13. U

    Renzoku Energy Dan attack vegeta always uses

    wat about Renzoku Energy Dan all characters can use this attack i think they shud hav more moves for the characters not neccasirly unique ones.. and also can they make a simple beam that u can just charge and charge and charge so its like massive ...o and just one more thing do they hav self...