1. D

    Renzoku bug

    while on the ground recharge and then immediately fire them at the ground. they will repel away from you.
  2. Super Veggeto

    Renzoku Bug

    I noticed when aiming at the ground, while on the ground with Vegeta and firing Renzoku, the ki blasts will back fire up. I would make a video but I'm lazeh atm ;o
  3. KidMan

    Renzoku For Everyone

    I love the move Renzoku. I can bring so much pain to someone, it just tickles me pink. Too bad it's only for one character and since many people have the same fetish that I have, they also use Vegeta. In a server, I usually find more then half of the people use vegeta and the renzoku attack...
  4. Solent


    I dont know if this is thus becouse is a beta I like veget and i love this but i thing is a bit exaggerated and unbalanced xD Look this actualy whit vegeta you can hit to the ground an oponent and kill him whit the rensoku...
  5. $sj Goku

    Renzoku Tweak

    I think the renzoku is useless an takes up too much ki... they should make it way more accurate so it can have some use in the game
  6. ~Dark Trunks~

    new homing renzoku

    ok well alot of people like to think renzoku is useless for vegeta now. so wut i was thinkin is that maybe they could make vegetas renzoku homing like he did wen he fought perfect cell. and i was thinkin since it takes away so much ki u could get more bang for ur buck. as of now a fully...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    The way Renzoku Should Be

    The image speaks for its self. Fast charging straight firing, RAPID FIRE, DIE, BURN THINGS, BLOW STUFF UP, DESTRUCTION, CHAOS!!!! errm, sorry. :cool:
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Scatter Shot and Renzoku Changes

    -Scatter Shot I think it would be cool if the balls went out in an arc a little ways and stopped, like when picc does his hellzone grenade attack on 17. Then you could left click and fire them, like kame torpedos. -Renzoku (Vegeta's ki blast thing) Dont know what its called :( I think...
  9. Rayos

    Alternate type of Renzoku for vegeta

    I don't know if this has been posted or not...from what i saw my idea hasn't yet so ill explain it now Renzoku energy dan is a good move but i think a different move might be more sufficient. it is similar to renzoku energy dan but this was from the Frieza saga. When vegeta faced frieza...
  10. Ravendust

    Different Renzoku

    I was just thinking that whenever Vegeta uses Renzoku, he usually keeps firing and firing until the targets defeated (Cui) or until he's absolutley knackered and out of energy (Cell) so I think there should be no charge time for Renzoku and the shot amount should be unlimited until ki runs out...
  11. O

    Renzoku charge

    Probably suggested before... Put a Renzoku charge sound. I made one.
  12. jp

    Vegeta's Über renzoku

    I think Vegeta's renzoku is much to useles. And i think you guy's/girls agree with me, it takes alot of energy, and the result is nothing. I thing it should be like in Bid For Power, you keep holding the fire button. While doing this, he is firing ki-balls continues, fast as a minigun. I...
  13. T


    I think that Vegetas Renzoku has been made too weak. The KI balls that charged Renzoku launches are just like Piccolos Scattershots. "New Renzoku" is very inaccurate too and it launches only 6 balls when fully charged. The ESF team promised to make Renzoku better but they made it worse...
  14. U

    Renzoku sound

    I'd first off like to say I think the sounds are great... specially the kicks'n punches :P Except one small thing, with the english Renzoku attack sounds it seems like it cuts off before it is finished and is really an annoyance. I didn't post this in the help, as I do not think it is a bug...
  15. O

    A suggestion for Renzoku

    Well, for all those who think it has been suggested B4 I don't think so. Anyways, I was watching some DBZ and I saw that Vegeta used his Renzoku while he was swooping at cell (episode 146 - 'Vegeta Must Pay'). Now I hope u all know what i'm up to. I say why shouldn't u be able to use...
  16. Celticus


    Got an idea for renzoku! Not many are happy with the current renzoku. Renzoku is for shooting a lot of Balls. In the show maby 100 at the same time. And not just 6 balls. So i thought of this: If you click on renzoku there will be no charging time (or just a little) And u can shoot as...
  17. C

    New Renzoku

    I was very intrieged when I viewed the Jap Pack preview on ESF-World, it seemed that vegeta used a renzoku that charged much quicker, had a better anim, and shot a lot more blasts. I was wondering if they can tell us ruffly how many it would shoot fully charged, and whether its a fast charge or...
  18. shay

    new vegeta renzoku idea READ ME !!!!!

    i dont think his current renzoku is so good... i would like to somthing that look a littel bit like the scatter shot.. i say he will still charge the blasts for some time then he will fire ki blasts at high speed BUT the blasts will be controlable like a beam but they will still be ball...
  19. A

    Renzoku question

    I was wondering what changes, if any, Vegeta's Renzoku will be going though for 1.2. And that's it! :laff:
  20. Wolf Devil

    Renzoku T.C. (total conversion)

    I was just thinking about renzoku and how much it sucks. I have an idea, but I don't really think it's a good idea for the game. I just want to see what you people (especially the mods and creators since they're.... intelligent) think. Now don't tell me this is stupid or that I'm stupid, since I...