1. sexyasian86

    MODELS!!!!!!!! [[for NEW site]]$$

    NEW MODELS!!!!!!!! [[for NEW site]]$$ hello hello NEw site is being made. Credits for the models will be on the site, so please DO NOT say i did not give credits. [itz just a picture] <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue,strengh=#+1)>Shijing, Soccer12jp, and Psycho^Saiyan (sexyasian86...
  2. D

    goku gt pack

    i made a goku gt pack which includes these models chibi goku (normal , ssj , ssj3) goku (normal ,ssj ,ssj2 ,ssj3,ssj4) redaura with that lightning stuff (my first reskinn ;) ) and some sprites here some pics
  3. HyperSaiyaman

    Aura question.

    what kind of aura is that? if someone has it please tell me where can i find it ive already search in the forums but i cant find it please need some help:cry:
  4. B

    Bojack Movie Trunks Model

    I just saw dbz movie 9 and i was wondering if there was more that one bojack trunks model around i already have one and i was wondering if there were anymore released?:]
  5. M

    has someone perfect fieza, gotenks and gohan ssj4

    has someone perfect fieza, gotenks and gohan ssj4
  6. B

    Model Search Request

    Hi,im new to the fourms and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could probally find a Cooler(frezias older brother)or a Pikion Model i used the search button and searched the forums but cant find them does anyone know if any of theres two models been released yet.....:)
  7. G

    Brollman's vegetto model

    Could some one do me a fav and fix the problems on the arms and the privite part on brollman's vegetto model. Its a good model but it just needs some slite fixes on the arms and on the privites.:laff:
  8. G

    Mr. Satan!!!

    HEY I am looking for a mr.satan model. if anyone knows where i can find oneplease tell me, and if not just tell me if it exists!!! thanks:devgrin: