1. Aurum

    A few questions about ESF (No when will it be released)

    Uhmmm, ESF Team, would you please answer those questions? When will we see other Super Saiyans apart from Vegeta? Why won't you guys release a demo? The fans are frequently asking for one. Will you guys improve the graphics of the mod? How many stages in ESF will be released? Do...
  2. Aurum

    Today I dreamed that ESF was released

  3. Reading Rainbow

    Live Action DBZ Trailer Released

    Live Action DBZ Trailer Released This is for a nonexistent movie, they just wanted to show the potential DBZ would have if it were converted to live action
  4. Mkilbride

    First Person Pokemon Gold released. Download:
  5. Mkilbride

    Battlefield 3 is offiically ruined now; mod tools released.

    Wasn't a sparkling gem before this, but now it's a turd for sure. When I first saw the news article, I nearly fell over from excitement, thinking DICE had officially released tools. Not so...sadly.
  6. V

    When esf final will be released? (more or less?)

    I like so much esf and i would want to know when the final version of this mod will be released (more or less), is a matter of years or months? the fianl release will be for half life 1 or 2?
  7. D

    Playstation Vita Released

    A couple days ago actually. The only question I have is if anyone has tried it, and a couple games or so, out? I'm strongly considering buying one but most of the reviewers seem pretty intent on jerking off to it while they review so I can't be sure about it's overall worth.
  8. Mkilbride

    Renegade X: Black Dawn released Played abit myself. Not that bad, doesn't feel like the original Renegade, and it's a little to "Dark" for Command & Conquer, but overall, I see promise.
  9. Mkilbride

    Elevator Simulator released Hahaha. Love it.
  10. Mkilbride

    Doom 3 Source code ready to be released.
  11. B

    Zeq2 lite has released their version!

    Zeq2lite's svn has been made public :D is the thread with all info in it and it gets constantly updated and announces what every change is.
  12. Nemix

    Champions Online F2P Released Today 25th Jan 2011 Grab it, it's free. If you like superheroes... flying... quests... parties... raids... (WoW quote goes here) you should try out this game ;)
  13. M

    Moonbase Alpha Released

    Source: Here's a trailer: Official website - Steam store entry - I'm enjoying it so far, though it's short on content...
  14. Skyrider

    NS2 Engine Test released!

    Source: My email.
  15. Spunky

    Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer Released

    <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="fake=1" name="viddler" width="437" height="265"></object> Source...
  16. D

    not seeing any servers in esf 1.3

    This is weird, I got the message that esf 1.3 is released, so I downloaded the file from, downloaded it, installed it, restart and launch steam and the mod, gone to the servers and don't see any servers at all... are the original server closed down?
  17. G

    what do you think of esf release date?

    i believe that ESF 1.3 is released in 2010
  18. O

    how can i become 1.3 version tester??

    is it posible for me to become a beta tester of 1.3 esf?? or mabe it have been released allready???
  19. BlueSaiyan

    When do YOU think ESF will be released?

    If you have no idea, guess! ^_^
  20. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 - Alpha Version of Spark Engine Tools Released

    So Unknown Worlds released the alpha version of their tools, which currently only contains the map editor. Although there's only a few parts done and even fewer entities, props, etc, it's looking pretty good. Much easier than hammer ever was. I spent the last few hours playing around and...