1. Ravenman02334

    HTC Vive Port?

    Is this possible?! I mean...I think this needs to be discussed at least. Using the engine you guys built, I think this game would probably be the best VR game of all time... Do you think it's a possibility now that this new tech is out soon?
  2. RobiZ

    ESF Release Day announced !

  3. M


    How is Release of ESF Final ?
  4. DeMons

    ESF 1.3 Release?

    hello esf team, when i can on you final, in procents, it is cum speaking at 70% 80% 90% done>? if im not wrong, you're cum working for 5 years at it... i hope to be ( done, alot of guys has lose them .. in project, we will play a little on server ...:( Regards DeMons. Happy New Year.
  5. Aurum

    When does exactly release the new trailer?

    Was the 'new years day' for the United States time or what?
  6. GokuSS


    It's going to be on March 2013 - and this is just a guess.:-/
  7. GokuSS


    Edit by Sub: DarkVegetaESF is not a beta tester. I don't know what's releasing on New Years. Obviously something is coming, but it's probably just a trailer. Let's tone it down a little. end edit-- Some rumours say that it's going to be released on New Year's Day, that the teaser trailer...
  8. gerald324

    If The Release Date Is 2013 In What Month?

    I Know My Question Is Bullshit But You Need To Answer Me Please.......
  9. Kreptyne

    HL source code release

    So, With Valve releasing the source code, Most mods no longer need you to own the game in order to play it, Will people be able to play ESF without half life 1 now? I'm not sure if it's just for HL2 or HL1 aswell, My friend doesn't have HL1 and has no money to buy it ATM so i was wondering if...
  10. Mkilbride

    Black Mesa GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE - RELEASE COMING SOON! Great googly moogley! I can't wait.
  11. lotu92

    About release :D

    Hey guys! Since there is too much discussion about the release... I was wondering that it would benefit everyone the following: If you want to play the full game.. then you won't mind if there is a beta release.. you can still wait. But it would be awesome for those who really want to play...
  12. Mkilbride

    [DSOGaming] Black Mesa release soon? could happen. The mod could actually release people. Black Mesa could release ~
  13. Mastasurf

    ESF Release Schedule - Important

    Hello ESF community! Lately, there has been a growing number of comments asking about the release date of ESF. Let me start by telling you that the team isn't hiding this information from you. We simply don't know o_o. As it stands ESF is built with time outside of the developer's normal day...
  14. DaisukeJP

    VIDEO: The Real legend of the Super Saiyan race ! *WATCH NOW! (New release) Dragon Ball Episode of Bardock!
  15. EliteMarine

    ESF: Final Release

    I heard that the team wished to release ESF: Final in 2011. Thats obviously not going to happen so is it probably going to be released Early 2012 or maybe later in the year?
  16. EvolutionX

    Cry of Fear Release Date Announced !

    The official facebook page of Cry of Fear had gathered 5000+ Likes,so the team of Cry of Fear has unlocked the release date. It's 22/02/2012 Original thread
  17. Kaination

    Potential Diablo 3 release date.

    omgomgomg noticed this at work today.
  18. Mkilbride

    No More Room in Hell Halloween Release Wow, this mod began before Half-Life 2 was released, suffered many delays, some bull**** like machines being lost, code stolen, ectera, even at one time the backups got destroyed. But it's out; it's been forever, and ever, but it's coming.
  19. DeMons

    ESF 1.3 Release 2012?

    Hi all . ESF 1.3 Final Release 2012? or .... ?
  20. zz12345zxc

    When can release the ESF1.3

    Month calculation or Year calculation I think within 2011 What about you? (sorry My English is not very good)
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