1. catfish

    Some more map ideas...

    I've decided to try to make some maps for ESF... I've tried mapping before and i sucked big time, but maybe I can set this as a very-long-term project. I was just thinking of what you could make... everyone is making locations from DBZ earth. What about locations of our real Earth? There are...
  2. Mr. Satans

    Mr. Satan's (Listen)Server.cfg

    Here is an example of a good listenserver.cfg (non-decicated) / server.cfg (dedicated) for ESF v1.1b. Some things require your own input, so read through everything first before use. Later on I will edit this post and add descriptions and what-not. log on cl_cmdrate "55" cl_updaterate "50"...
  3. stiffdog

    new drawing

    heres a new pic. copy and paste to main heart :]
  4. V

    best skin tool for models out there ?

    Whats a good skinning toool i really would like to know i want to model but i suck i could prob skin
  5. R

    Help real fast!!!

    Yo! Well i was messing around with my console trying to figure out how to bind kill to a key so id die when i pressed, if any of you know how to do that please tell me. but the real problem is i type console kill in my console and now i cant seem to get my console to come back up. No matter...
  6. S

    Real Jerks

    Hey, I was just playing in one of the ESF servers and there were 4 real jerks out there. Each one were disobeying the rules completely and then mocking them. I, powerless, was lucky enough to remember the /status command. Please ban the following wonids. I have accused them of using very racist...
  7. DBZFever

    My Drawing

  8. S

    bad guy from DB NG

    just a quick picture i did, i know the knee is wrong, im not saying who or what he is yet, but its just a lil taster
  9. B


    this is my first real artwork, so be gentle :) i dont know why some of the objects look grainy :/ bryce rendered with anti aliasing on so :/ (btw what catagory is this artwork? :p
  10. B

    3d gaming in real life

    does anyone know where that funny ass video about 3d gaming of real life is? the link was posted long ago but i cant find it
  11. Escobar

    Bebop Wallpaper

    like d title says.. i used bryce in this 1, my first real work wif bryce
  12. S

    here are some model EDITS i have done

    like the title says here are some model edits GT GOKU Credits to azn for the gohan ssj3 from redsaiyan and azn for the gsm model also to the real modler of goku My own made metal gear rex model! credits to me hehe yes i no the skin is bad i just carnt skin map the model just...
  13. E

    skinning faces

    if any1 needs skinning faces i can draw yous out an outline of the characters face that you need to skin . you can color it and shade it the way u want ill just draw the main lines ^_^ . i can draw it very accuratly to make the skin look exactly like the real thing . um this is the only dbz...
  14. GoldSaiyan

    Ki pictures, fake or real? Woah, this guy must be obsessed with DBZ. These pictures is likely fake and edited, his imagination and bragging about Ki is just as fake as his pictures are. What do you guys think?
  15. R

    The Androids

    i want to ask if anyone of you are making androids. Not real androids but the skins of them :)
  16. Jonesdaniel

    Some PC help (internet explorer comes up real slow)

    We'll for some reason ive turned the pc on today (tried restarting it and didnt work) and when i click internet explorer it took about 7-10 seconds before it actually came up. The same happens when i click on my computer. I dunno if ive changed a setting or something, but does anyone know why it...
  17. ssj999vegeta

    ssj5 vegeta skin here

    firstly i edited this skin from D.C Darkling so all credit goes to him secondly dont post nefing bout how crap a modeler i am and how i only changed the colours a little bit i dont care cos i only wanted 2 change colours a little bit thirdly here a screen...
  18. T

    my first real sig on Ps7

    I need some pro's to look at this and evaluate this and give me some cool ideas!!!
  19. E

    EagleKing´s work

    so..I am gonna post all my work in this topic.Here some old stuff I have posted on RS some weeks ago in two posts (each posts a category) Abstract things(kinda wallpapers):
  20. A

    M.O.D vegeta

    This was made by our own talented J for the mod called M.O.D. And this is one of our maps