1. webber

    My first real try to model something

    Well it's kakashi, even if he doesn't look like him, i'm gonna try my first skin and rig on this model, but first i need some coments and drawovers, where needed.
  2. imkongkong

    a REAL resident evil? =o what do u guys think
  3. Barney's_Soul

    If you die in a dream, do you die for real?

    I always wonder about this whenever I have a dream about dyeing(about once a year), because whenever I dream about dying(get shot in the heart by a robber, be in the vincinity of a atomic bomb), I always wake up before I collapse to the dream always goes slow motion like some movie...
  4. U

    what if cell is for real?

    what if cell apear in the real world, what r u gonna to do(especially first form...that things would suck human dry up...) the real question is would u against him to save the humanity? or join the military to against him?
  5. Slofreak

    real kame pose ?

    whell how about making the real kame pose when your on the ground : And the air pose something like the pic see his legs how they are :
  6. B

    the real PS3 commercial

    this time, this isn't a fan made one real version but if ur looking for a laugh..heres a good one by a well know site.. anyone liked the real one ?
  7. imkongkong

    a REAL live action dbz movie =o

    its called dragon ball: the magic begins.. if you want to see the trailer.. if you want to buy it...
  8. webber

    Real Cell Shading

    There is a plugin for quake 3 that makes everything cell shaded. I wonder if that is possible for half-life(and esf ofcourse), since half-life is a more advanced verion of the Quake 2 engine. What do u think of this?? Oh and this is a version of BfP with the cell shade plugin
  9. Suh Dude

    Real Firefox :0!

    Not a firefox user but thought to be cool to share this to everyone. :0 Source:
  10. Suh Dude

    Real Ninjas...

    will try to steal your cloudsong! D: Anyways, watch this funny video. Great for Naruto fans. You'll probably get a good laugh at this, as I fell off my chair laughing my ****ing ass off! :D :D
  11. S

    a japanese website, to order a real Samurai Katana ???

    a japanese website, to order a real Samurai Katana where metal is folded a minimum of 200-750 times .. price range of 6000-10,000 US $... anyone into kendo that can help me out?? i want the real thing possibly even an antique to start my collection.
  12. Phatslugga

    A real Guitar Hero

    Heh, I thought I was good at this game... apparently not. For those of you who don't play this game, He's playing Cowboy's from Hell on Expert (arguably the hardest song in the game).
  13. .Maze

    Real Magic ?? O_O

    Can anyone of you explain this trick ?? Someone is "pushing" coins and saltener thru an glassplate. >_> Explain me HOW
  14. Phobius

    Real Life Final Fantasy battle! Be amazed thats all I got to say.
  15. Robby

    Real Life vs 3D games Warning: minor... nudity. Very funny.
  16. VeGeTTo

    Real Mode Esf

    i suggest adding a "real mode" esf , that is a deathmech and it is different in : *mele has no delay normal beams have no delay beams "3" have a 2 sec delay kmhameha , gailliy , sbc , bigbang n'stuff have a 4 sec delay teh boo bomb , finalshrine (flash) 10 sec delay and teh other...
  17. S

    Aliens are REAL! (Says Canada =P)
  18. J

    a REAL thread about tits YO o/ hell, you know whether that has a story or not, your damned well gonna see it! o/
  19. Growler

    3-D or real?

    Hard to tell... these days.
  20. Killface

    your "real" friends

    I got a question for you guys. Back in May 2004, i let my friend Tyler borrow my gamecube for as long as he wanted because it was his birthday. I said he could keep it as long as he wanted but if he didnt want it anymore or if he moved or whatever to give it back to me, I made that...