1. D

    Question about ECX RC2

    Hey guys, how you doing? I hope you're all fine! So, i need help with a little something: First, what is the ECX RC2 CCI? I can't find anything about this on the internet. And, can someone give me a link to download the ECX Bots code? Thanks in advance, and I love what you are doing with...
  2. M

    ESF ECX RC2 Problems

    This looks like a fun game, but I'm having some problems with it. First, ordinary Open Beta Final seems completely unable to find servers on the in-game browser. Is there a way to fix that? On private servers that I start for myself, it crashes whenever any bots are created. On ECX RC2 the...
  3. Trules

    Goku mdls esf 1.2.3 +ecx rc2 +cool tubo aura made by solent

    HI guys i'm new to this community and i want to share with you my goku models from normal form to ssj 3 for me it looks good an it has some awesome animations the model its just retextured by me not created ( dont know the autor but i thank him) here is the photo : and these are the models for...
  4. W

    [Q] How does the ECX RC2 attack charge work?

    I've made this code to actually spawn the charge into the player's attachment origins which are coded in the model but the entities or entity doesn't spawn into the exact origin they should.So how does the ecx rc2 charge works? Was trigonometry used a lot or is it even needed? new...
  5. A

    [ESF 1.2.3/ECX RC2] Edit power levels?

    I tried searching through five pages via the 'search' with no help. A few years ago I remember having each human player's power level increase upon death... I also think I may have increased the power given by the dragon balls. My question is, is this still possible with the newer versions of...
  6. V

    Earth special forces 1.3 beta is it compatible with rc2 and big pack 8.4?

    can i use it with these 2 mods? (if not are there some mods for it?) is it stable? thanks for your answers.
  7. C

    Servers running ECX RC2 and BIG PACK 8.4

    So.. You say bigpack 8.4 doesn't work with dedicated servers?
  8. J

    ESF:ECX RC2 wont work

    after yesterday I got this new version of esf... inteam version I'm no longer able to play ECX --- edit --- can anyone help me?
  9. N

    hi every one when i install big pack 8.4 it doesnt work

    when i install it rc2 then i install big pack the two doesnt work like i have only 9 characters :cry:
  10. Blashix

    ESF ECX RC2 - Question

    I have a question I can play in it for ECX RC2 game. But I Goku SSJ3 vs Goku ssj3 lined boot? I Goku SSJ3 vs Majin Vegeta ( in the game ) player vs bot.
  11. B

    Bots for 1.2.3 ECX RC2

    In ECX RC2 there only 9 bots... It's not fair so I'd suggest to program bots for all characters, it isn't really hard.. But alone I can't do anything... I need to someone post a software with what it may be possible to code em.(I'm not searching ESF Bot 4.1) Thanks
  12. A

    ESF ECX RC2 Character making help plz

    Hi! As you know in the description for ESF ECX RC2 it states "A Development Kit to modify current and create new characters for ECX will be provided in a different release" Any body got an idea? or atleast send a link to a how to create a ECX character or AMXX character making??? THXSOMUCH:yes:
  13. SuDoKu

    RC2 Server

    Is server for rc2 on ? Can someone create ?
  14. C

    ECX RC2 servers?

    Why are there none? Or are they just not listed? EDIT: I'm going to rig my homeserver for ECX and keep it running if there is sufficient demand, but I need some help. I once had a Counter-Strike Source Server, but this is a bit different. how can I make the HLDS update tooll download the...
  15. Mii

    ecx rc2 big pack prob.

    For some reason i can only choose the additional characters when i create the server. When im on someones server, i can only choose the original nine characters.
  16. person27

    ECX RC2 big pack problem

    So, i install ECX RC2 and the big pack. i install the big pack into the esf folder properly. But now if i have the big pack whenever i try to create a server it just goes to starting local game server. Then it takes me back to the game's main menu! why does this happen:confused:
  17. F

    telesense not working on ecx rc2 server?

    telesense is not working on my ecx bigpack 8.4 server i dont know why it worng work, on other servers it does and i am talking about the ability to teleport behind someone from everywhere by aiming at him and pressing teleport
  18. Painkiller

    ECX RC2 Basic melee question

    Not sure if it's basic, but the melee you do with the right mouse button. My friend and I have been playing some ECX and use that melee quite a lot.So is there a way to make that more than 2 times? A command or something. 'cause when I hit him twice and go to him I just won't hit him :(
  19. V

    Amxx 1.8.1 ECX RC2 Problem

    Hi All I have a problem with the ESF: ECX Rc2 about amxx. When I try to upload amxx 1.8.1 plugins do not read my terms of CORE.PluginManager.amxx Ps. Is there any way to make it work:)
  20. M

    ESF RC2 Big Pack 8.4 with AF pack server

    Hi everyone, I have been having a lot of difficulty finding other ESF members who have Big Pack 8.4, and the AF pack. If any members have the aforementioned, I wil be more than happy to be on a server with you guys and gals. My Steam name is Mikeimp91 if you would like to add me.