1. M

    Ragnarok Online

    I need help. I can't get my account confirmed. I am not recieving the e-mail, so does anybody know what to do?
  2. S

    ragnarok battle offline

    i've heard of ragnarok battle offline, by other people, and i want to try it out...but! i can never find the OFFICIAL SITE!!~~~ if anyone knows it can u PLEAAASSEEEE!!!! tell me! :cry:
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Ragnarok Animation

    was bored, wanted to crop my rag dood!
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Ragnarok Online

    www.ragnarokonline.com 15 day free trail, you can do alot in that time. and i believe there free servers... lingering around. its not new, but they did rescently add additional classes. i'm a level 17 swordsman, looking to party for culvant sewer dugneon thing, i walk slow and its...
  5. manontherun

    Ragnarok Battle OFFline 2

    Since some tard closed the other one when I had a good reason to up it, I made this.... The link to the file from this thread http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=52017seems to be down. A bud of mine wants to check it out so does anyone have a new link? P.S. (Don't take offense, not...
  6. G

    Ragnarok Battle Offline

    First of all, I have no idea if this is warez or not since it doesnt have a fancy website nor a "Click here for free download" so if any mod does know more about this and knows for a fact its warez, close/delete/ the whole 9 yards. Alright here we go. Ragnarok Battle Offline Official...
  7. M

    JasRO: ragnarok online free server!

    New RO server come join in and have fun Click here to get patch JasRO Patch Click Here to register your account CP <--Register your account here and visit the forums for updates and patches Forums And we have a mirc channel #wearestealing server is --> Irc.fbi.gov port is...
  8. VivaLaPineapple

    my ragnarok character

    my character is a daggersin. his head gears are apple of archer, and goblin mask. so what do ya think of my sketch of him. i havent finished coloring the cartoony one yet.
  9. M


    Anyone have a link to the gm mailing service? id like my account back, i ask them to suspend it a long time ago when they had no cancel account links >.<. I know i can get it back, i hope anyways if anyone has the link plz tell.
  10. E

    Ragnarok Online

    I'm curious as to who all here plays RO? Private or do you pay? I play on UltimaRO cause I don't like to pay monthly for games. >_< Planetside and SWG was enough...
  11. I

    Ragnarok Sig

    Well, here's something different... a Knight from Ragnarok Online. Thought I could do something that would stand out a bit.. which explains the bright green color. :smile: Hope you guys like it. Oh and remember... C&C is always welcome.
  12. Z

    Really good free Ragnarok Online Server

    *all your warez are been deleted*
  13. Loki

    Ragnarok Demon Detective

    Who here has seen this anime its also known as 'Matantei Ragnarok' if you have seen this anime whats your opinion on it. I think its pretty cool, though when he pulls out his moonlight staff so many times the scene gets a little boring.
  14. Rebirah

    Spiraca Ragnarok Free server

    Woo i got on Spiraca!!! It took like ALL DAY to find the data.rar!!!! The reg page its here http://dk1000.no-ip.com:1337/spiraca/ Good luck all! Ill try to host the data.rar for yall Its 7 megs if anyone wants to know. First download the Korean version of Ro then extract the data.rar into the...
  15. GoldSaiyan

    Funny pictures Ragnarok.

    http://www.ragnarokhq.com/images/gallery/comics/comic3-1.jpg http://www.ragnarokhq.com/images/gallery/comics/comic3-2.jpg There's even more, and I have to say, they are quite funny. I'm not sure if everyone saw them. :laff:
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    Ragnarok fun

    me and a wizard decided to try to freeze everyones screens today and here is the result. if u cant tell thats 2 tsorms and icewall
  17. GoldSaiyan

    Ragnarok going P2P

    Those who plays Ragnarok, are you going to continue to play even though you must pay for it? Almost 65% of the players is going to quit, maybe more. I'm not sure about paying, I'll ask some people if they can make public or private servers.
  18. P

    Ragnarok Online

    This is Lethal_Vegetto since his RO thread was closed for no reason at all, so im starting anouther one, meh, lets talk about RO I deleted my swordy to make way for a merchent to buy all my stuff cheaply
  19. Lethal_Vegetto

    Why Was My Ragnarok Thread Closed?

    Why the hell did a Moderator close my Thread. There was no spam in it. Wtf. What did i do to diserve this?:\ ARG;( And who ever Moderator closed it DIDNT EVEN SAY WHY. Now thats, im sorry to say, is gahy. Closing it for no reason is stupid. Tell me why u closed it. Who ever closed it...
  20. 8bit-Fighter

    Question for all who play Ragnarok

    Would anyone would be interested in playing on a private server? It would mean a lot less lag and alot less players. Im trying to get one set up for friends because we are all just sick of the lag.