1. IFlip92

    Race Driver Grid 2

    Finally, after many years of waiting, a trailer and 2013 release reveal for Grid2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yKCS8B6_SA&feature=player_adunit www.gridgame.com Preorders already available on GAME. Releasing on PC, PS3 and Xbox360. I am really stoked and hope they will have a Clutch in...
  2. DaisukeJP

    VIDEO: The Real legend of the Super Saiyan race ! *WATCH NOW! (New release)

    http://youtu.be/lW9HG50DFxA Dragon Ball Episode of Bardock!
  3. Zeonix

    Race of Fish Clones

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7360770.stm?lsm If it's good enough for nature, it's good enough for us. Let's start creating gholas, ladies and gents. All we need to find out is how to transfer our minds from the bodies we currently inhabit to our clone bodies. Then we'll live forever.
  4. H

    egyptian race?

    what race that ancient egyptian people belong?(black/arab/jew/greek/caucasian/latino/asian indian/mayan) and were they extincted like american native or mayan people? discuzz! PS: I prefer that they were jewish(according to bible)
  5. Optimus Prime

    Did Blockbuster just decide the winner of the next-gen DVD race?

    That's pretty crazy if it's true. Source.
  6. Skyrider

    Looking for a specific race game.

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a specific Race Game for the pc, but I can't remember It's name. So I was hoping you guys could help me with it. First, It's a racing game where you can pick up items, such as a rocket and fire them. So It's not a normal race game, a game where you can blow each...
  7. M

    Race for Chernobyl

    After playing through S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, I decided to do a story based on it. I haven't written a story in a while, so I'm going to make this simple, and make the story into short journal entries. Keep in mind that spoilers will be included. -----------------------------...
  8. B

    Square Enix to enter console race ?

    Im wondering about recently: does anyone else think that maybe Square is scared by Sony's recent decisions? If you've noticed, Square has really upped the ante on making Nintendo games nd are even making a new 360 game there are four Nintendo system games in production, two DS and two Wii. and...
  9. J fox

    fav mortal or immortal race

    the human race sucks in the pc world thay can be called tarrans for there cappabillaty to live enywhere eny way this post is about what mortal or immortal race u like in eny game or video etc hmmm i think mine is a khajiit
  10. D


    what do you think would win a skyline type r or a mustang?
  11. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  12. S


    yet another picture from my friend no he didnt trace it
  13. GhostfaceKillah

    Subaru Impreza WRC Indy Art

    Some indy art of the Subaru rally car: Critz/comments please. PS its still WIP.
  14. Optional


    TM_NorthHighway - FINISHED! images: http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway2.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway3.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/optional3335/ESF/tm_northhighway4.jpg DL link: click on "TM_NorthHighway.zip"...
  15. Mr. Satans

    Just Wondering If...

    Is it possible (in Milk Shape 3D) to take an image and put it on one of the views (cept for the full 3d view) in order to "trace" something in the image? It would making modeling alot easier.
  16. K

    Sig critz

    my matrix themed one (i tryed usin green but it sucked. But i got the idea from the matrix when all the text was flying in)
  17. S

    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    u wanted proof??? here is ur proof!! u wanted proof that i didnt trace? well there u go. if this doesnt do it for u and u still think i traced it, then ur a complete(!!) idiot imo. this pic is here so u cn compare it to the first 2. look at what i marked in the original, and look at my...
  18. S

    man i love drawing a goku!! (2nd thread...this isnt the first 1)

    yes....its me again... i have decided to show u that im not a 3 years old child that cant draw so.........i did this!!! (btw...i dont have a scanner so i took pics of them...hehe) another pic... and another 1... now tell me that i need more detail... :p
  19. Grim`


    do you like my crappy pictures ? :/ ( crappy ) i think they suck :/
  20. G

    As promised another piece of my work....

    Alrighty here it is, my personal favorite character, Gohan! This was a speed sketch so I spent like 10 minutes on it, oh well tell me what ya think (Copy and paste) http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/gohanmsx/Img00007.jpg