1. AmirK

    Special Teleport+Push Movement ?.. :S

    Hey guys, i was wondering.. i keep seeing an veteran player do Teleport + Push me to multi directions.. how?... For example: He teleport to me and push me up.. then he teleport to me again and push me down.. (how he is so fast?..) and so.. and so.. How do i do that? thanks for help...
  2. F

    Push back / hard to transform (Just a suggestion)

    Hey, Getting killed: I was thinking, when you get killed there schould some kind of push back, when you die in 1.2.3 its just BOOM dead.. done... respawn(of course). But i was thinking more like a push back or something. Transforming: I think it schould be really hard to transform...
  3. VideoJinx

    New Beam Push Back Idea

    Okay I've seen some different versions of this, but I'm somewhat worried that it could slow down gameplay. So, I came up with this way of adding a beam pushback effect that can add strategy while giving the word "Defence" a whole new meaning. Okay for example, lets just say a ki blast has a...
  4. -Blaze-

    Ki push

    It would be cool to use it. You can push your enemy if you want to power up :idea: , or just for battle. You're holding your hand like shooting ki blast, mabe you can even push ki blasts that are coming If you will not do it, so mabe encore would do something :smile: .
  5. E

    beam push

    i think its more real to the show if the beams would only push the opponent in the opposite direction doing constant damage, but costing ki during the beams existance, insted of the beams exploding on impact why not have it this way... the player holds down the mouse butten, beam charges...
  6. J

    Spirit bomb push

    is it possible to add this into the game like goku did against kid buu. Like when a power struggle happens goku is able to push the bomb back towards the foe with a big ki loss (for goku)
  7. G

    Wall Push

    I was thinking for the new melee 1,2 thad if a user throw another player into a wall the thrown player could maybe land on wall with legs and push him self out and hit the other away...
  8. Dalte89

    Swoop Push

    I was thinking that if you were to swoop and press and hold the block button you can grab and push the enemy later crushing him into the wall.
  9. G

    push anemies neer u

    i thought that if u charge ur ki and press torbu the anemies neer u will be pushet away (like in evm when u trans) but just for 1 or few sec. and afcors it will cuz u ki...... i remeber that gohan and cell did this in the cells segas so what do u think????
  10. T

    Push attack

    A push attack for pushing away enemys. Also can be use to change direction of beams(how much it will change in direction depends on how long you charge, plus I mean uncontrollable beams). Sound good?
  11. S

    Goku's Wave Push

    I dont know what its caleld but i recall goku has an ability where he can use his Ki to force out an invisible Wave of Ki which can force enemies around it would be pretty cool to have this in the game because then goku could try and wave push Attacks away depending on his ki u could...
  12. B

    gotenks wip

    since there isnt any push anymroe because ill never release android pack, ive desided to start a new model, gotenks MORE PICS HERE i know there should be some edge turning and i know the edges that needs to be turned, anyway, what you think? critz and suggestions always welcome ...
  13. D

    i need that model

    i will see that model my email is : [email protected]:\ :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  14. SierraSonic

    Explosion Push

    Ok, Im tired of getting hit by these HUGE ASS BEAMS, and then acting like nothing happend. I suggest this, if a beam hits you... 20% - 40% You get pushed back 10 - 30 feet, you dont lose any charging or anything. 50% - 70% You get pushed back 50 - 30 meters, some attacks that require...
  15. K

    all moddelers !!!

  16. C

    Kenshin model

    Hi all, i just wanted to have your advice about my latest model,it's Kenshin from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. The model is for a JK2mod(name of the mod is Rurouni Kenshin : Redemption),so well,i just wanted you to tell me what you think of it!! here is the link ...
  17. S

    Streaming Lava

    hi guys i want to make a map with streaming lava but how can a make it stream and hurt at the same time?:talk:
  18. B

    How to push back a beam ???

    When to beams hit each other, how can i push the other1s beam back ?
  19. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Push away Beams

    I know I know, this has been mentioned many times, but it has never been really suggested and discussed. I think there should be a meelee attack just to push away KI beams or blasts, just like they often do in the shows. I suggest to code it in a case selection: BeamKI < 1/4 CharKI -> Push...
  20. D

    Backflip animation

    this took me about two hours to make, i think its pretty good to say i only started playing with animation this week it looks much better in game because youre actually moving backwards where as in milkshape he kinda floats on the spot oh well, have fun ^_^...