1. B

    More Car Photo Manips.

    My Edit:- Devianart Link Original:- Comments and Crits welcome. BrunO
  2. SierraSonic

    Chargeing push

    If your charging an attack, and you get hit by a beam, I think you should lose the charge and get pushed by the beam alittle. Also when in a power strugle the same thing you drop the powerstuggle and get pushed by the beam. Because it just looks odd when you get hit a fully charged Kame and...
  3. P

    push back

    The block needs work, thats all i can, even thou its fixxed in the new verson, i hope, but anyways with the new maps being so big how about this.. When someone fires, say, a Big and powerfull BB or Karmahama at you and u block it, why dont u yourself go into a power struggle with the move...
  4. S

    Lightwave Question

    i feel dumb asking this but... how do you smooth a model when your rendering it in lightwave?
  5. L


    Cheers mate [email protected] btw where can i get swiss cheese maps?
  6. SierraSonic

    Push Ups!?!

    Ok this is in the show so it could become useful. When not flying and on the ground doing absolutely nothing, (mabye turbo and moveing) when you push "shift" you could use a beam attack to push your self up. Its instant, doesnt shoot far, and drains energy like hell, it also boosts you up 50...