1. EvolutionX

    Protocol 47

    He guys. I play esf on steam, and when i connect to some servers, it says your client is protocol 47, its should be 48 (something like this). How can i upgrade to protocol 48 or how to fix it?
  2. E

    ESF v1.2.3 Protocol Crash

    Whenever I connect to a server, I instantly disconnect with the error of having the incorrect game protocol ("48" instead of "47"). It's my understanding that this was very common with the previous Steam Update a few months ago which almost killed the entire mod community single-handedly, but I...
  3. G


    when I try to connect to a server it always says "you cannot connect to a server which is operating under a different protocol version". What should I do?
  4. M

    WTF is Protocol??

    When i wanna join servers it says the server is using new protocol 47 than ur protocol is 46 u should check ur Client updates??? WTF where can I get Protocol 47?? :talk:
  5. S

    Protocol version error...with latest version?

    Well...I had a really long in depth post...but I lost the page...long story short: I'm running on STEAM, I have ESF v 1.1, Half-life (so says file properties anyway) , Counterstrike (same as HL...) Through steam, I can find maybe...four servers tops with a very small amount...
  6. H

    wrong protocol version

    i just downloaded esf 1.1 beta and i tried all the servers but i got a cant connect to a server with a different protocol version error can anyone help me? :S
  7. S

    Protocol version

    When i try and connect to a sever it says You cant connect to someone with a different protocol version (i have version 1005) so i tryed joining a room called version 1005 and it said the same thing, is it beacuse i have the newer bots?
  8. H

    different protocol: help

    hey everyone, I just downloaded the game and been playing against the bots by myself for awhile and Im quite enjoying the game, I thought I'd venture out to play it online, but whenever I try to connect, it always says "you cannot connect to a server that runs under a different protocol" or...
  9. T

    Protocol Error

    ya i installed it and when i tried to join every game i tried to join it said Error you are not running the same Protocol Version so i completely uninstalled cs and esf and reinstalled both and re dled esf from a dif mirror and it did samething ide really appreciate any help thanks.
  10. Sonic the Vampire

    Server using a different protocol?

    The solution is simply to update half life to the latest version. If it's only happening on ESF servers, check to see if you have the correct beta installed before making a thread. To get half life update, check .
  11. B


    Hi Im new to the forum here. So my prob is that when i try to join a game it says "You cannot join a game with a different Protocol". And when i click internet games it says that my ESF exe is out of date, even though i d/l'd it yesterday (1.0) Any information would be alot of help! Thx!
  12. B

    Executable error and protocol error

    ok, when I try and join a multi player game it says, Your esf executable is out of date. I treid uninstalling and re-installing and that didnt work. ALso when I try to join a game it says the the server is running on a different protocol version, or somthing like that, I dont know what to do...
  13. A

    Protocol Version??

    I run a lan connection through my house. I am trying to connect to a game being run on my computer from another computer downstairs. It sees the game fine, but when i try to connect it says "You cannot connect to a server that is operating under another protocol version" One pc is win 98 and...
  14. J

    You cannot connect with an user with a diffrent protocol?

    Um heya ^_^0 new here and suppose most would call me n00b or sumthing.. Oh well go ahead if you like.. But i figured i would need to post this cus i can`t figure out whats it about O.o0 whenever i try to connect to any esf server i get that message "Can`t connect with an user with...
  15. imkongkong

    protocol 45

    i have a question.. wen i tried to enter sum1's iP addy so i can play them online, it says my protocol is 45, and my fren's protocol is 46, so i couldn't play, because we had different protocols.. i have no idea wut it means.. but it also said to ask my frend for an update... wut do i do...