Does your female sig breach our AUP? (!!PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING IT!!)

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May 7, 2002
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Alright since lately we have been clashing about scantily clad women in sigs and what not I've decided to show some examples of the good and the bad. If I'm using your sig please don't ***** or moan I'm just using it as an example and you should feel proud I guess.

Anyways lets start off with the good and borderline.

Alright I'm sure you get it by now so lets move on to the sigs that are not allowed on these boards.

Alright so basically anything sexually explicit is not allowed as you can see. So from here on out if you post a sexually explicit sig in this forum you will earn yourself an immediate warning from either the other mods/admins or myself and I will see to it personally that I check this section frequently for such infractions.

Theres no debating here we decide what can stay and what goes on these boards so please don't piss and moan about this because I know I don't want to hear anymore on this subject and I'm sure my fellow mods/admins don't either.

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