1. Mkilbride

    Bethesda - an embarrassment to modern developers. (Fix for poor CPU performance)

    Turns out they coded Skyrim in x87...a 22 year old instruction set, that has none of the performance benefits of processors since 10 years ago. Infact, even Oblivion was x86, so it's quite odd. Infact some modders have taken it upon themselves to create a hardware layer to add more modern CPU...
  2. Snowm@n

    Poor Luigi

    Mario allways f***s Luigi's reputation, I hate that **** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va8Sh4Agr58&feature=channel_page
  3. M

    Money for the Poor?! Blasphemous!

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081018/pl_nm/us_usa_politics I don't know about everyone else, but I would think "spreading the wealth" is a good thing.
  4. sub

    Poor UT3 / Crisis

    http://www.joystiq.com/2007/12/14/crysis-sales-in-crisis-ut3-gets-fragged-too/ 80,000 copies sold for crisis and 30,000 copies sold for UT3. I know that these companies spent a lot of money on these titles, but i'm personally very happy they both failed. Developers are making good games...
  5. Gama

    DV13 (poor) Art works

    Yes yes i know its crap but lot ppl are posting their works so ill post my crap: yes im sad this is the openeing to my artpad :S This is a weird alien thing i drew was just playing round with shading Do i have to explain what they are lol but ya my scanner cut the tops off :( but i...
  6. K

    Poor poor esf team

    I've noticed that the amount of criticism on this forum towards esf is anything but little. Dont forget this is a free mod of which you do not have to pay and people are giving up their free time to make the whole mod an enjoyable experiance for the rest of us. If you dont like something about...
  7. Z

    Vegitto Reskin ( my first postet Reskin

    HEy this is my first postet Reskin... giv me som Crits ( i am a noob ) What do you Thinks.........?! Orginal model: ned Edit by: Vegetto91 Skinnet by: [Tam Z] - Zarp (thats maby Spellt wrong but i am not good a englich and i am just 14 year)
  8. Z

    Arctic Goku ready to compile and load!

    Ok I made an Arctic SSJ Goku I skinned him myself (Chest from arctic from CS) I compile it crashes.... Need someone to compile it Forgot who made the SSJ Goku Model so please tell me. url deleted by s-bolt-- because of 56k unfriendly
  9. Sicron

    Clan Logo

    Well i have a Clan called EBF (earth's best forces) NOT FOR ESF but for AAO (America's Army Operations), and i made a logo for that just asking for crits (ow and please dont talk about bad quality pics, cuz i know, i cant find better) Just want some crits about: is the overall good? and those...
  10. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  11. S

    Fantasy Map

    Ok heres something I worked on a lil last night, not quite sure exactly what it is yet... the mod its running on is called SoS although the map isn't intended for it :-) ermmm check here for the images http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1769 sorry about...
  12. K

    somebody can give me link to latest version of ESF?

    i heard there is a newer virsion for ESF (i have version 1.0)
  13. G

    Kid Buu Skin

    I made a kid buu model about 4 days ago, I liked the model and tried to get it skinned, it was not that bad but I am looking for a better skin. I am looking for a skinner to skin this model. There are pictures at http://ljdajd.tripod.com Another thing this is a completely different model than...
  14. |Da|K|

    NewSig's (Rate)

    Hey evey one was wondering if u could rate my new sig fomr 1 to 10 and witch one is the best THx alot guyz and critz and comments are welcome :D 1: 2: 3: ^----- i made for a friend 4: ^-- just added... and the one i'm useing now could use some rating :D thx
  15. K

    poor old piccolo, lets help him out

    Yes most of theses ideas are scattered about the forum, i just wanted them to be in this one place and too see if other people agree with them, this way they can see most of the ideas for him at once 1) Scatter shot should act like floating mines it should use the mele targeting mode, and you...
  16. S

    here is my FINISHED vegeta. READ BEFORE U CRIT!!!!!!!!!!

    well, this is my finished vegeta. before u crit my drawing PLS READ THIS FIRST!!! ok, as u know i posted a goku a few weeks ago that i made during math class and it took me about 5 minutes. so u said it sucked. true, it did. a few days ago i posted another goku which u said was gr8 but...
  17. SandMan

    Sig test?

    ok this is my new one, just made it, uhh tell me what you think
  18. L

    Trunks Hair

    Hopefully this will help, you guys don't know how to improve the hair for the trunks model. Here is a screenie of trunks from the sos mod for q3. It looks pretty good the way they did the hair. Edit: This model was done by Ultimate SS on the SOS mod for q3.
  19. Optimus Prime

    Dun Dun Dun! Spiderman Inside.

    No, I did not make this picture, a guy I know did. He made it in English from memory, he did not trace, nor did he have an example to draw from, I sit beside him, I watched him draw it.
  20. Naz

    Poor piccolo

    Cell got three forms, Freeza got 4 forms, gohan got 3 forms, trunks got 2 forms and vegeta got 3 forms, goku got 4 forms buu got 4 forms (not sure) but what about piccolo then??? I'm sure u will balance it but how are u going to do it with Pic?